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It can also be a natural springboard to developing a deeper interest in our own communities and history.
But the second act, instead of developing a plot, changes into a parody.
Economic reforms are aimed at developing the private sector and attracting foreign investment to diversify the economy.
Our eyes never will be blind to a developing menace, our ears never deaf to the call of civilization.
It calls on all citizens for their full support in this task of conserving and developing human resources.
But engineers developing such embedded technologies face a big obstacle: power.
They were essential to developing the polio vaccine.
Its initial promise quickly got a cold shower of real life in the developing world.
If you want to help people in developing countries, you have to help their animals.
It's intended for health workers in remote parts of developing nations.
Zoo veterinarians gave the cubs their first physical today, and all appear to be developing well.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
As a developing producer, you will rise or fall with the developing artists who you choose to nurture.
He was also a patient and precise camera and developing process technician.
The story isn't so positive in the developing world, though.
DJs started developing their own unique spiels and used all kinds of street lingo.
Hopefully that will go well, but this story really shows the importance of communication in the developing world.
One is sent to you, and one is sent to help people in developing countries.
Developing countries don't have the same access to satellite information as do first-world nations.
More people in the developing world are now overweight than hungry.
Drug companies do not see much of a market in treating diseases of developing nations.
With the decision-making areas of their brains still developing, teenagers show poor judgment in risky situations.
Hundreds of millions of people, mainly in the developing world, are moving to cities.
Food is scarce in the developing world, and prices are soaring in industrialized nations.
After all, screening people at high risk of developing the chronic eye disease had been common practice for decades.
Developing cleaner power sources for transportation is perhaps the trickiest piece of the energy puzzle.
Developing online and blended learning programs requires research and collaboration.
Outside scholars think they know what curriculum is best for universities in the developing world.
Access to higher education remains severely restricted throughout the developing world.
They are an important way to begin developing your professional reputation.
The position involves developing and teaching courses in a digital learning environment.
First-hand experience raising money and developing donor relationships is highly preferred.
Developing and sustaining a diverse faculty and staff further the university's educational mission.
Strong teaching record, with experience in developing curriculum to use experimental learning to further educational goals.
We seek a candidate interested in developing the department's relationship with campus-wide sustainability initiatives.
One of the major benefits you'll receive from developing a business plan is getting to know your industry and market thoroughly.
But overhauling supervision does nothing to solve another problem that afflicts developing countries: poor accounting.
Developing countries have been good at getting access to technology-and much less good at putting it to widespread use.
While the three giants recover, developing countries as a whole are mired in recession.
Some developing countries will therefore remain sluggish for longer than others.
But more exports give developing countries more money to spend on imports-mainly from developed economies.
Sceptics charge that globalisation especially hurts poor workers in the developing countries.
They criticise absolute emission caps for developing countries and argue for limits based on population or intensity of use.
As the stock of borrowable ideas runs low, the developing economy must begin innovating for itself.
Now it flows in both directions, and increasingly also from one developing economy to another.
But things may not get that ugly, thanks to the growing influence of innovators in developing countries themselves.
Developing countries are widely thought to be losing out from ever-faster technological change.
The main gap on money is between the developed and the developing worlds.
And instead of ploughing those borrowed billions into developing the site, they could use it to buy more land.
Animals' natural defenses are providing inspiration for researchers developing the next generation of lighter, tougher body armor.
It can provide work for rural people and is a primary export of many developing countries.
Scientists are developing shark deterrents for use along beaches.
So do perhaps a billion other city dwellers in developing countries.
Cities throughout the world are growing rapidly, but none so rapidly as those in developing regions.
But the animals grow symmetrically, with each half of the body developing independently of the other.
Following directions and developing math skills come into play while cooking.
Longer human life spans enable slow-developing cancers to appear.
All over the developing world, many urban slum dwellers spend much of the day waiting in line at a pump.
Although the research is preliminary, the scientists say the experiment could help in developing new treatments for obesity.
However, he warned, many developing countries may have neither the money nor the energy to follow this path for much longer.
The bad news is that those higher prices result from higher demand in the developing world.
She is recording an album, developing a makeup brand, and designing a line of workout clothes.
Tells about the process of developing new apple varieties.
If aid programs don't result in measurable improvements in developing countries, it argues, their budgets should be curtailed.
Scientists have already made remarkable progress in overcoming this neural blockade by developing new ways to stimulate muscles.
We were also careful to elide any recipes for developing a biological weapon.
The maker of luxury vehicles is developing a less expensive line aimed at people more interested in phones than cars.
While designed for emergency use, the devices could also be used in remote seaside locations in developing countries.
Several other manufacturers are developing similar technology.
The result could be disposable diagnostic tests simple and abundant enough for use in the developing world.
Only rarely did correspondents know the explicit details of stories other teams were developing.
Many regions of the developing world exist in a strange technological limbo.
But recently they seem to be developing a taste for suburban life.
Not only are they gaining consciousness, they keep developing new and creepy ways to move.
Such scaled-down models are intended for niche applications off the grid-for instance, in developing nations.
Children could be especially vulnerable because their brains are still developing.
Developing nations often have a lack of medical facilities but good cell phones.
The finished product: a manual, push-pump centrifuge that could be a lifesaver in developing world medical clinics.
Two researchers at a weapons laboratory, of all places, are developing a new tool that may offer a way around this problem.
They are developing better methods of triage and making improvements in surgical techniques.
Another project is developing medication that boosts overall immunity, decreasing susceptibility to any infection.
The obvious parallel is to the cubist art developing during the same period.
Yes, it would be wonderful if everyone living in the developing world had access to modern medical care.
The mood, the coloring of the developing work were already there.
Thus, instead of developing a drug to treat an abnormality, an abnormality was postulated to fit a drug.
It is active in the developing wrist of the human embryo hand.
Military robots are on their way to developing considerable autonomy.
In the developing world, in particular, efforts at prevention have failed to stem the tide of new infections.
Ten months later, both children were living at home, growing and developing normally without any side effects.
The obsession with developing new media has inhibited efforts to preserve the old.
Indeed, corrections officials were deeply involved in developing the standards.
Because of the huge cost of research and development, many drugs are too expensive for the developing world.
Ninety-nine percent of all casualties occur in developing countries.

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