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And behind the developer comes the family in search of a home in the suburbs.
The developer only got it from people who stole it from natives, who never owned it in the first place.
He picked it up cheaply when another developer went bankrupt after putting a handful of houses on it.
Conveniently, they knew a real-estate developer who was willing to help them negotiate with the landlord to break their lease.
Dave had been hearing talk on the street of a developer snatching up property in the neighborhood.
Miller is a real-estate developer and former builder, so his conservatism is leavened with actual experience.
The first is a developer-sponsored, but informative, account of the neighborhood from the point of view of residents.
And those developer-managers would make those units available at a variety of price points.
When people give the developer feedback on bugs, then the developer can work them out for the point release.
The developer of the device in the winning entry says it was used without permission.
The building next door to mine has been bought by a developer.
Second, it has an extremely vibrant developer community.
Now plastic sheeting shrouds a bankrupt developer's half-built luxury flats.
But a bank will finance the project only if the developer manages to sell a high percentage of the units upfront, a tall order.
And encourage your property-developer friends to get going on those new hotels.
By doing this, she's compressing the flour, which means that she's using more than the recipe developer intended.
The developer of that calculator acknowledged the error and has alerted potential users to the problem.
In a free-market economy, the farm would have been sold to a developer and converted into a housing development.
If a software developer wants me to view ads, then it should give me the software for free.
These hapless bankers loaned billions of dollars seemingly to any property developer who walked in the door.
The independent software developer wanted to get his voice out-unexpurgated.
To get approved, developers must create a developer account and pay an annual fee.
In return the professors or developer gets a great job offer, the oil company gets free technology and taxpayers get no royalties.
Apple supports these people by providing them with a seamless market for their products, and fantastic developer tools.
The developer owns four units that have been in foreclosure for several months.
However, in some cases an outside developer may own a system that is located on a participant's property.

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