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Adding to parental devastation is the usual mystery of why a stillbirth occurred.
Katrina taught us what devastation extreme weather can inflict on colleges.
But farther south, where the devastation and disorder was much more severe, anger set in.
Researchers have confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests.
It's bad enough that all this ecological devastation is for a pill that doesn't even work.
The devastation of that city drew gold out of the world's major money centers.
Not far below these directives is the implementation of strategies designed to stave off the after-effects of devastation.
But such devastation can be measured in dollars, as well as lives.
Watch video from inside a tornado, create your own hurricane, and see photos of tsunami devastation.
It's common in areas of devastation for rescuers to tag names on newly created landmarks.
You've seen news footage of the devastation caused by major oil spills, and you cringe every time you change your oil.
The economic modelling data was entirely ignored when it showed that devastation fast approaching.
They were a defeated nation so they had to overcome a devastation of the spirit.
Without a doubt, an asteroid capable of bringing on global devastation is heading our way.
It jump-started people beginning careers in art amid the devastation.
For the moment, all this devastation remains largely hidden.
Witness the devastation from this incredible hurricane-from veterans, local residents, and government officials.
Most tragic of course is the heavy loss of human life and devastation of livelihoods in the affected regions.
The devastation would be mostly from the consequences of volcanic emissions.
Despite the devastation which this caused to agriculture, the disease was confined to certain areas of the country.
That's only one small part of the devastation that fossil fuel harvesting has created across the country.
Great to hear that a small amount of money is going to help control the environmental devastation produced by uncontrolled greed.
The list runs from conflicts that claimed a thousand or so lives to the devastation of the two world wars.
People who drew their livings from the waters, by fishing or tourism, feared devastation.
The devastation of the industrial economy is, paradoxically, evidence of such change.
They could be using that money to improve education and the infrastructure, and clean up the devastation.
But the hurricane wreaked devastation in selected areas.
Similar devastation from small arms occurs worldwide.
She is recovering from the emotional devastation of losing both her parents in an automobile accident caused by a drunken driver.
When the ash finally settles, a scene of total devastation is revealed.
In many ways, the financial devastation of his life is as astonishing as the emotional devastation.
Now a new study finds that the combination of climate change and invasive species is compounding the devastation of ecosystems.
And a place of environmental devastation that government is powerless to stop.
No one yet knows how widely the earthquake's devastation has spread.
Mending the devastation they wrought will require more statesmanship than the nation has ever known.
The result is found in the devastation of the quake.
Of course mining is highly mechanized, creating few jobs compared to the devastation.
It is this kind of economic devastation that points to the downfall of the euro.
That's why so much of rainforest devastation proceeds hand in hand with lawlessness.
Dull skies, a sullen ocean, squat white prison buildings-it's a landscape of emotional devastation.
It will be another whimsical tale of ecological devastation.
If another storm sweeps through, the devastation could be unimaginable.
At each new scene of devastation, they would lean out of the car windows and click away.
As a consequence, few people personally remember the devastation they can cause.
Even nearly three decades later the devastation was incredible.
We are still learning the full story of the devastation, but there is no time to wait.
Launching the nukes will surely result in the devastation of humanity.
Our job was to figure out how to undo a bullet's devastation.
Her mood, people say, shifted from shock and fury to devastation as the significance of what had happened slowly settled in.
Despite the devastation, rebuilding efforts began almost immediately.
Those that survived made their way to higher grounds to escape further devastation.
More energy consumption means more coal-fired power plants and more devastation caused by coal extraction.
The devastation of world wars and the rise of cities led to a demand for grand-scale visions.
Imagine the devastation to world trade if one or more giant tankers were captured and used to block the straits.
As the scope of the devastation became clearer, survivors spoke in terms of all that has disappeared.
Despite the devastation, the city made big holiday plans.
But other work emphasizes that it is too soon to blame the economic devastation on climate change.
The main exception: spill penalties paid out by the companies responsible for the devastation.
The second showed anxious children verbally simulating a clock ticking while describing the climate devastation that is coming.
The resulting devastation is an unimaginable nightmare.
In fact, no continent has a worse record of human ecological devastation, some of it even well-intentioned.
But to look for a job for a year and come up empty is a different league of devastation.
The toughest question, of course, is what role climate change is playing in the devastation.
Of course, the longer the government is shut down, the more devastation it could cause.
It is also a reminder of the devastation and danger of living under dictatorship.
Clearly, there is a lot of devastation in the housing market in these regions.
The devastation is unimaginable and is heartbreaking and it's going to be a long road back.
In fact, the history of our country contains no such tale of devastation as that which they wrought.
Meantime, colleges and universities have undergone a comparable devastation.
It is the devastation of personal life, not the retreat into privatism, that needs to be criticized and condemned.
In this film you can see the devastation left by the storm.
Such images, however, cannot reveal the impacts of the devastation on people and their works.
After a flood, the physical devastation to personal property and the community is obvious.
Advance planning and knowing how to protect buildings in these areas can lessen the devastation of a wildland fire.
Those would be devastation videos when replayed, reopening wounds still near the surface.

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