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Example sentences for devastating

His decision has been devastating to our department.
When sea levels rise rapidly, as they have been doing, even a small increase can have devastating effects on coastal habitats.
More than nine months after the country's devastating earthquake, a cholera epidemic has sickened thousands.
All told, fishing, poaching and development can be devastating.
Pesticides can't stop the world's strongest, and arguably strangest looking, creature from devastating crops.
After the devastating storm, athletics officials cut several teams and struggled to rebuild severely damaged facilities.
For, small though the chance of a large asteroid hitting home might be, the consequences would be devastating.
Where toxic pollution and human habitation collide with devastating effects.
Schizophrenia has a devastating effect on all aspects of human thought, emotion, and expression.
If it happens for the first time when you're older, it can be devastating.
If its calculations are wrong, the result can be devastating.
But martial artists are perhaps best known for being able to deliver devastating kicks.
Some of the quiet types could presage devastating tsunamis or larger, ground-shaking shocks.
Some characters even fly around the court, making for a difficult learning curve but devastating speed.
The danger for savers is not simply of disappointing returns, but of devastating blows to their wealth.
Software errors are probably more common, but hardware errors can be devastating and harder to diagnose.
While experts debate that question, they agree that more devastating tempests are headed our way.
But if the flu mutates into a form that can jump from human to human, the outcome would be devastating.
Census data have corroborated the devastating impact on households.
Seeing the destruction so close to my hometown was devastating.
His goal: to explore the tension between the viruses' devastating beauty and their devastating impact on humanity.
Some of the quiet types could presage devastating tsunamis or larger, ground-shaking shock.
Ignoring science in favor of a preferred outlook on the world can have devastating consequences.
Even modest shocks, such as a temporary dry spell or a routine infection, can be devastating.
Knee ligament injuries can strike at any time and be utterly devastating to an athlete's career.
As devastating as this volcanic torrent was for the creatures it buried, it would become a boon for paleontology.
And it was so devastating and at the same time moving.
When that happens, the consequences can be swift and devastating.
It would also have particularly devastating psychological effects.
For many of us, losing our blog's content could be devastating.
With the damage continuing after the initial injury, the impact of a spinal cord injury can be devastating.
The discovery hints that humans in the region survived the blast's devastating effects.
Ultimately, the looting was not as devastating as some had feared, and many of the country's treasures were recovered.
For gamers who have spent hours building a reputation, red links can be devastating.
Human impacts that might seem small can have devastating effect.
The bow-and-arrow was also used to devastating effect.
For thousands of years, people have struggled to survive the devastating power of savage natural calamities.
Huge hurricanes, devastating droughts, ferocious blizzards.
In the second group were victims of devastating accidents.
And one sure thing about a system as complex as agriculture is that things will go wrong, often with devastating consequences.
More importantly, torture has devastating repercussions.
Ongoing, large-scale genetic studies of mood disorders could help researchers understand and treat these devastating diseases.
Pollution is pervasive, environmental degradation devastating.
The damage that has been done to economies around the world is obvious and devastating.
Borrelia is a devastating lifelong obviously incurable infection.
That's still not small change if it breaks, but not devastating.
Hydro power is every bit as environmentally devastating as coal burners.
Our effects on their culture were profound and devastating.
Things that may slow or prevent the singularity economic collapse, devastating world wars, famine.
The devastating fires this month have ruined lives and livelihoods.
Click on the image to see it fade to the same scene after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
These figures are devastating for our economic future, both short and long-term.
But the longer it persists, the more devastating will be the ultimate collapse.
In towns with economies still heavily reliant on agriculture, this type of natural disaster is particularly devastating.
But something about writers makes them want to recall these things, even if they are quite unpleasant, devastating things.
All this uncertainty can be devastating to children.
As she would do time and again, she exorcises a devastating experience through the act of painting.
The new virus can then spread to humans, rapidly infecting the population since few people are immune, with devastating results.
Well of course sometimes it took years but the final result was always bad, but not devastating.
Most people that have never suffered from legitimate depression don't understand how devastating it can be.
Shorter term climate changes have proven equally devastating.
Telling me biofuels are better is nonsense while farm run off is having such a devastating effect on my local environment.
It's clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet's ecological web of life.
As devastating and heartbreaking as this all has been, this was an important journey for me-necessary and life-changing.
Major forest fires are both more numerous and more devastating than they were a generation ago in the region.
See what you can do to be prepared for these devastating onslaughts.
Some experts fear today's temperature rise could accelerate into a devastating climate lurch.
In normal times such delays might simply be inconvenient, but now they could prove devastating.
And if they somehow perish, the financial impact on a poor family is far less devastating than the loss of a cow or pig.
When fires do happen in such places, they are far more devastating than would otherwise be the case.
By contrast, the end of the cold war was hardly devastating.
Such handouts can be cheaper than sharp store-wide discounts, which proved devastating to profits last year.
The consequences of the epidemic have been devastating.
Torrential rains that caused widespread damage and devastating floods continue to affect several parts of the country.
The devastating derangements of autism also show up in the gut and in the immune system.
There's no easy way to say this: these cuts are devastating.
Inside the brain, the results of bad wiring can be even more devastating.
But once in a while you have a huge, devastating, unstoppable fire.
He goes on to show the real financial cost of the disease, on top of the devastating health problems it causes.
Pushing warm water down to the depths of the ocean could be devastating to marine life.
Males, by contrast, will seek to establish hierarchies that keep potentially devastating conflicts under control.
But the impact of our philosophies upon our actions and our lives is often devastating.
The super moon did, in fact, have some influence over the magnitude of this devastating earthquake.
Second, the economic consequences of a witchcraft trial could be devastating for the accuser.
Then, the market headed south, devastating her portfolio.
The country music capital tries to salvage what it can after a devastating flood.
But the effect on tourism is expected to be devastating.
Unfortunately, the building collapses were so devastating that not much blood was needed.
Obstetric fistula is one such devastating maternal disability.
Hurricanes are a devastating and traumatic experience for a community.

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