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Cyclones regularly devastate the living reef, only to have the damaged segments rebound in a couple of decades.
When top level predators are removed, the middle predators devastate the lower tiers of the food chain.
Scientists say that climate change-caused droughts will devastate agriculture, disrupting societies and starving millions.
The weapons of war are designed to devastate and demoralize foot soldiers.
Pit closures still have the ability to wound but not to devastate.
Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
It will also devastate a culture with a strong ethic of respect for the land and wildlife.
Their next move was to found yet another start-up-this time, one that threatened to devastate the television industry.
Late blight continues to devastate potato and tomato crops around the world.
What frightens them is a coalition of state officials and environmentalists who say divers threaten to devastate the abalone.
The fear is that a cap-and-trade bill may expand a promising new sector but devastate a struggling, larger one.
However, when the summer monsoon is stronger than expected, floods can devastate the region.
If they got into a garden, they would devastate a vegetable patch in no time.
They can devastate crops, food stores, and wreck havoc on buildings.
Possibly, but the financial burden would devastate the auto industry.
These boots are designed to acclimatize and devastate.
With no predator for the bugs now, they will continue to grow in size and could devastate for the country's crops.
It can also devastate lakes, streams, and other waterways.
The destruction of a river's mouth can devastate the surrounding area.
Rapid loss of these glaciers would devastate those countries.
If it's genetic she may have to be put down and it would devastate me.
Can the policy used to devastate nations be used on viruses.
The foot-and-mouth virus does not infect humans but could devastate herds of cattle, swine, lambs and sheep.
So a permanent shift toward smaller cars would devastate industry profits.
Time and again, slow-burning environmental crises have emerged to devastate civilizations.
These types of developments normally devastate a team's fortunes.
It can devastate crops by ruining coffee berries and the quality of the coffee.
Handcuffing them or creating a flat for service will devastate and only increase costs to the consumer.
They can cause fatalities and devastate a neighborhood in seconds.
Some species have been known to devastate populations of small vertebrates and nesting birds.
They may be scary and disconcerting, however, because they come without warning and can devastate a hillside.
The initiative also provides for more timely responses to disease and insect infestations that threaten to devastate forests.
The effects could devastate the area, which is no higher than eight feet above sea level at any location.
Others may introduce foreign parasites and diseases, which can devastate native populations.
These are preventable tragedies that disable our workers, devastate our families, and damage our economy.

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