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Example sentences for deuce

He deftly carved off a volley winner cross-court to even the game at deuce.
Then there's the guys who leave a deuce on the floor next to the toilet.
East would have taken dummy's ten with his queen and shifted to the heart deuce.
Then it is best to cash the diamond ace before returning the heart deuce.
West cashed the heart queen, then shifted to the spade deuce.
East found a zone play: she led the club deuce despite playing high-low with a doubleton.
The river is all clear-no brush and fast as the deuce good wading all the way.
South won with dummy's queen and led the deuce of clubs: six, ten, ace.
She continued with the club deuce, a suit-preference signal for diamonds, the lower-ranking of the other two side suits.
These are the wild cards he adds to strengthen what would otherwise be a deuce-high hand.

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