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Example sentences for detritus

Normally I'm too distracted by detritus here.
The detritus of the rock grinding is seen at the edges of the glaciers as dark bands.
The back end of the instrument has a plastic tube that leads to a large flask that collects the detritus.
Images were crisp, with no noticeable digital detritus.
The good seeds will settle to the bottom, and you can pour off all the mold and detritus.
So, it pays to reboot a computer at least once every couple of days, if only to flush the detritus from its innards.
By winter only the detritus remained.
Plus, the zoo spends $10000 annually disposing of the detritus.
So I'm standing in the aisle thinking about this pillow, which in my hands feels like the detritus of a bygone era.
Piles of bricks and bikes and a small cement mixer and other useful detritus are scattered about the patio.
Not all the pieces are equally interesting, but detritus can be put aside for later examination.
Decomposing plant matter, called detritus, provides food for many species.
He was obviously looking for insects and grubs in this detritus, and it didn't look as if he had found anything in this hole.
The floors of this house are strewn with the detritus of lives let go, ankle-deep with abandoned possessions.
Decomposition of vegetation would slow dramatically, and detritus would pile up to abnormal heights.
There were tons of pottery fragments and other ancient detritus stored there.
Would they have tried wood chips or some other detritus.
The remaining lot cannot exist by themselves and decay to produce obfuscating detritus.
Then it turned, and the soupy detritus was sucked out to the sea-leaving only a uniform residue of crushed pieces.
His office is piled high with the statistical detritus of more than two decades of data collection.
It is a ticklish job, because the drug must be purified of all toxins and other detritus produced by the host cells.
Among this urban detritus, something else is moving.
It knew it had an image problem: it was a comic book, the detritus of pop culture.
Detritus is dead plant and animal matter in the process of decay.
Measured sediment and discharge data are useful in estimating sediment yields of fine and coarse detritus.
Once in their benthic, adult form, they graze on algae and detritus.
Specifically, that both plants and detritus are used as sources of energy in cave entries and the twilight zone.
Non-uniform, steady flow is tion of algae, detritus and inorganic solids simulated.
Light extinction is calculated as a function of algae, detritus and inorganic solids pH.
Periphyton is a complex mixture of algae, microbes, and detritus that creates a thick mat on the ground of the prairies.
The threadfin shad eats primarily zooplankton, but it also filters plant matter and detritus from the water.
As the position of the mouth suggests, it feeds on the bottom and eats an omnivorous diet of detritus and insects.
Detritus, fish eggs, and small fish complete their diet.
Substrates of organic muds and detritus also provide foraging areas.
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