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Let us just say that everything that they tout as an "improvement" is a detriment to the actual functioning of the product.
It is to the detriment of that country.
We hope the Norwalk hatters stay at work, but not to the detriment of the hat industry.
Regarding egos, most egos are neutral, but of course a person's ego can be to his detriment.
Even a short-term drop in production could be a long-term detriment.
Today it serves neither and is actually working to the detriment of both.
He was commanded to take care that the republic suffer no detriment.
Tradewise, therefore, anything said to its detriment at the moment doesn't mean very much.
Interestingly, these are preventive measure that the dental profession has pushed to its own economic detriment.
That will be to their detriment.
Meetings of this sort have been occurring and usually to the detriment of the non human species.
It aggressively defends nest cavities, possibly to the detriment of native species.
For example, a wing design that reduces drag but weighs more could be a detriment to the overall aircraft design.
It's unknown why bats use their vision to their detriment.
The elimination of theology meant that some other branch of knowledge would usurp the vacant place to its own detriment.
He might sign their works or they his without much detriment to either side.
High cost of land is no detriment, provided the value is made by the pressure of people seeking residence there.
The production looks better than the first one-to the film's detriment.
The latter-day news magazines, to their detriment, haven't replicated that combination.
Having an inferior episode get out into the wild can be a detriment to a show's popularity.
Additionally, the president wields enormous power, which could be to the benefit or the detriment of many.
Had the new sentencing statute not been available, he would have been released, to the great detriment of society and himself.
Dams change the ecosystem--but for the benefit, not to the detriment, of taxpayers.
Property owners value the information and use it to apartment hunters' detriment.
It's clear that many people in his campaign consider you a detriment.
They may seem witty to you, but less experienced teachers may take them seriously, to their great detriment.
Personal liberties have gotten way out of hand, to the detriment of public safety.
Over time and seemingly without fail, commissions and recruitment have proved a combustible mix, to the detriment of the student.
My obsession with work has frequently been to the detriment of my health and relationships.
Feeling that there is no real readership is a huge detriment to quality.
It has failed, but people keep buying into the promise to their detriment.
These shortcomings do not seem to be a detriment for astrophysicists.
The basic legal principle of water rights is that you can't use them to the detriment of the downstream rights.
Guess what, if you knock out any of thousands of genes you will see similar detriment effects on health.
We've been underestimated many times in the past, often to the detriment of our detractors and those who seek to do us harm.
Science can be applied for the betterment, or to the detriment of the world.
But because they're not an active detriment, they do nothing to affect survival enough tp eliminate them.
They have to forget, or they respond to dream stimulus to their detriment.
If you are lacking in teaching or research, your online activities could be a detriment.
Rooms, costumes and coaches are described to the detriment of characters or their feelings.
Many parts of the state have therefore limited the use of water, to the detriment of crops and lawns.
Conversely, there are one or two cases of people whose musical abilities have been destroyed without detriment to their speech.
And that means manufacturing difficulties may not be detected quickly-to the detriment of greasy-spoon caf├ęs everywhere.
Opponents say a unique landscape or seascape is being overshadowed, to the detriment of tourists and residents alike.
They favour lower taxes and spending, but not to the detriment of defence and law and order.
Technology and globalisation are remaking labour markets across the rich world, to the relative detriment of the lower-skilled.
Excluding dissenters, leads to group think, stagnation and the detriment of the nation.
They were never intended to be consumed, to the extent that they are, to the detriment of real food.
Bad fishing practices are also a detriment to the tropics as conservation groups race to protect these areas.
Although insulin resistance is a detriment in healthy adults, it turns out to be helpful for proper fetal development.
These cosmic rays will tear into the atmosphere, to the detriment of the delicate molecules of life.
These cosmic rays will tear straight into the atmosphere, to the detriment of the delicate molecules of life.
People can also become too focused on how much money they stand to gain or lose, to the detriment of focusing on the task itself.
Sure the personal narrative is difficult which is why it's often given center stage, often to the detriment of discussing science.
And this can be to the general detriment of the field.
Therefore the logical conclusion is that although there is a benefit to minorities, there is no detriment to white candidates.
It's both a benefit and detriment of human nature and how our brains work.
Both have extremists and it is the extremists that get all the attention to the detriment of both sides.
If you're a detriment to society, you shouldn't procreate.

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