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Example sentences for detonate

If designed and placed properly, a pencil bomb could be timed to detonate days later, while ships and their cargo were at sea.
But you also don't want to wait until they're about to detonate a bomb.
Every week coal companies detonate explosives equivalent to that of an atomic bomb.
He proceeded with plans to detonate a thirty-megaton hydrogen bomb, the largest tested to date.
Cheap light sensors can detonate a bomb in a dark room when a door is opened.
When giant stars reach the final stages of their lives they often detonate in cataclysms known as supernovae.
When the driver thwarted their attempt to hijack the vehicle, they tried to detonate the homemade bombs they were carrying.
The weapon fires bullets with microchips that can be programmed to detonate when they reach a specific distance.
These are programmed to navigate to their target and detonate autonomously once launched.
One bomber managed to detonate his vest, shaking the city center.
Then they could crawl off and detonate themselves, or detonate the mines so that soldiers don't get killed by them.
His rafter-climbing days may be over, but he didn't so much sing the songs as detonate them.
When the computer calculates that the round has flown the requisite distance, it issues the instruction to detonate.
And third, you have either to detonate it, or to spread it around in a way that will actually harm a lot of people.
If the bomber is spotted, he can detonate instantly.
Triggered spark gaps used to detonate nuclear weapons.
It is definitely possible to conceal a device inside your body and cause it to detonate, no doubt.
But that doesn't mean your wing tips will suddenly detonate.
Still others detonate with a button or a wire touched to a battery.
While that might work against a conventionally armed missile, it suggests that a nuclear warhead might still detonate.
For example, one sequence required her to detonate explosive barrels to expose a new opening.
After pressing the trigger a second time, the explosives detonate and take out a charging foe.
As he was departing a fire ignited, but the device did not detonate.
Perchloric acid may form explosive perchlorate crystals, which are shock-sensitive and can detonate.
It is therefore important to know the conditions in which natural gas-air mixtures can or cannot detonate.
Detection of a misfire is no problem if none of the holes detonate.
Those screws were attached to wires and contacts so that if they were removed that would detonate the device.
The mechanism suggested is to deflagrate unwanted explosive yield and detonate what remains.
Materials normally unstable and readily undergo violent chemical change but do not detonate.
Materials which in themselves are normally unstable and readily undergo violent chemical change but do not detonate.
However, as the hole depth increases, the time required for the entire powder column to detonate increases correspondingly.
The term also is used to describe the explosive material itself that has failed to detonate.
His plan was to wait until the ribbon-cutting ceremony concluded and the crowd started to disperse, then to detonate.
Every effort will be made to minimize traffic disruptions and detonate the charges outside peak traffic times.
If confined, may explode or detonate at high temperatures.
Pulling the trigger releases the hammer, driving the firing pin to detonate the cartridge.
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