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Example sentences for deterrent

The fact that Scott and four of his men froze to death was hardly a deterrent.
Both of these are deterrents to pursuing exclusive contracts, he says.
Winter is no deterrent to these gardeners.
New laws would act as a deterrent to spammers.
According to the study, these drug tests may not be the deterrent we expect them to be.
Not one of these studies found dairy to be a deterrent to osteoporosis.
Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.
He added that exposing cheaters is an effective deterrent.
Supporters of steroid testing insist that the rarity of confirmed cases shows the program is working as a deterrent.
You say that it is a strong deterrent.
If the aura was a myth, it was a useful myth: it served as a means of persuasion and a deterrent to mischief.
Furthermore, you can always fire warning shots along their path as a deterrent without having to open lethal fire.
Negative reinforcement is only an effective deterrent if it is swift, consistent, and fair.
So the threat of going to prison is not much of a deterrent as in other countries.
Still, the technology has intrinsic value as a deterrent.
But this is not the only reason why capital punishment, if it ever was a truly effective deterrent, is now plainly no longer so.
And for the same reason the lack of jobs was no deterrent to invitations.
Graduate work in itself, however, need no longer be a deterrent to marriage.
No one embraces the idea of divorce, but until recently, fear of divorce was not generally a deterrent to marrying.
The recital of the difficulties is, they say, a stimulus to thought and exertion rather than a deterrent.
The threat of such attacks would have an obvious deterrent effect on representatives and senators.
Harsh sentencing acts as a deterrent to kids who are considering committing crimes.
Though drug testing in baseball is imperfect, it's still a deterrent.
Studies show that it is not a deterrent, that it is disproportionately imposed on the poor and sometimes mistakenly so.
To some moms and dads, the price tag is no deterrent.
The carrot-and-stick strategy-placate the workers, jail the organizers-seems to work for now as a deterrent.

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