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Against the odds, each of these characters is driven by his or her own form of determined optimism.
In this system, calories are not determined directly by burning the foods.
The actual size is determined after the bench seat is in place.
It is important, therefore, that his interest be carefully determined.
My mother dropped by last week, and I was determined to make a quick meal for five.
Treasury officials won't reveal how the fixed rate is determined.
The grading scheme has yet to be determined.
He was concerned but determined.
So I entered the world of injured but determined runners.
Officials are determined not to let that happen again.
Industry spokesmen say they are equally as determined to resist any increase in their costs.
Still, some people are determined to try, if only to protect those waters which haven't yet been invaded.
The book illuminates the lives of the two pioneers who were both determined to prove that methods of inoculation could work.
The quality of tea is partly determined by how much of the stem and rougher lower leaves are included in the blend.
The president returned home determined to create the national park system.
How he plans to do that, though, remains to be determined.
But be forceful and clear about their performance and about how their grades will be determined.
In one of my jobs, salary was non-negotiable because the state determined the salary figure of the tenure line.
The amount they pay is determined by the cost of instruction and their likely future earnings.
For him, literal and figurative meaning are not stable categories, but historical ones determined by their social context.
It's ended up being much more open and self-determined that my time working as faculty.
If they are determined to become academics, they can select universities on the basis of reputation rather than money.
First, the churches are determined to engage with popular culture.
They also noticed that the interval between the first and second guesses determined how accurate that average was.
He seems determined to win the presidential election on the first round, even though this will require more overt rigging.
Now, however, it is making a determined foray into online friendships.
Emerging economies were determined never to suffer its tough lending conditions again.
The outcome will be determined not by student demand but by a committee comprised of dons and administrators.
It is smart to get drinkers used to weak tipples, since the government seems determined to raise the cost of getting drunk.
It is now determined to monitor their activities more closely.
Scientists have determined that the first skeleton they found belongs to a species of human completely new to science.
Her determined goal each year is to ensure a fair, fun, and inspiring experience for the geographic students.
There are different types of freshwater marshes, determined by the depth of their waters.
Yet, he says, the precise cause or causes of the problem are yet to be determined.
The latest delay came after scientists determined that further software testing was needed.
Once they have determined how to effect change themselves, ask them to take action.
We rolled ourselves in blankets, determined to rest in spite of the storm.
It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos.
Its fibers acquire their medullary sheaths early, but their connections have not been definitely determined.
Lives of nations are determined not by the count of years, but by the lifetime of the human spirit.
She determined to redeem her error, so far as it might yet be possible.
Even with the best network security, your electronic data may not be safe from a determined hacker.
Chromatophores are connected to the nervous system, and their size is determined by muscular contractions.
The collective budget is yet to be determined, the agencies say.
Self-similarity property should be determined by a kind of math processer.
The power of positive thinking comes to mind, which was determined by some to be a half thought out treatment.
The actual cholesterol levels are determined by a number of factors, including heredity, diet and exercise.
The researchers determined which affected genes were likely to cause damage-and where in the body that damage that might occur.
But the jumbo squid's ecological impact has yet to be determined.
The researchers say this is the first time a gene for seedlessness has been determined.
True courage cannot be determined when there is no choice, if you cannot move, you have no choice.
From this, the pH of surface ocean waters is also determined.
But society has determined that such a risk is not worth taking given that artificial food additives are not a necessity.
Furthermore, our decisions seemed to be determined by these feelings.
Our health and well-being are determined by numerous daily cost-benefit calculations.
The distance each beam traveled determined the way the crests and troughs of the light waves aligned when they met in the wafer.
And to a significant degree the success of the experiment will be determined by their success.
The broader economic organization thus clearly demanded sprang up here and there as accident and local conditions determined.
Multipliers for other forms of government spending are imprecisely determined but are not significantly different from zero.
The interplay of technology, policy, and finance has always determined the rate at which clean technologies advance.
The process is determined not by the office but by who holds it.
Most of them messed up at school or had to drop out to get a job, and now they are determined to see their kids stick it through.
The owners, who operate a popular downtown catering business, seem determined to make vegetables fun.
Many parents, determined not to be cruel or counterproductive, latch on to pre-approved language from books.
The text is the absurd writing of one determined to write all the same, to produce text, to sign whatever texts come his way.
The guitars opened for a surge of ringing chords in the middle of the song, but it was determined to remain unresolved.
Her silver hair was well groomed, and she walked at a determined pace.
Its neighborhoods were determined by race as well as by trade.
Of course, much of this is simply stonewalling by executives determined to keep meddlesome politicians out of their business.
It determined the presence of antibodies, which show that a body's immune system has begun to respond to an infection.
The behaviour and function of proteins is largely determined by their shape.
Then, after the atoms are concentrated in a detection chamber, their original position can be determined by their alignment.
He determined that the creature was long-necked, used its wings to glide, and had curved feet that suggest it lived in trees.
It is these variations that account for many of the genetically determined differences between humans.
That's because their routes are determined by the price of the commodities they carry and which vary enormously.
Their real performance and utility, however, has yet to be determined.
But, the true value of increased energy efficiency is determined by the cost of the available input energy.
He's also determined the best way to freeze them for future use.
The precise value of these options depends on the option, and is yet to be determined.
Magnitude of waves are determined only by the wave itself.
It is easily bullied into acquiescing in the designs of a presidential propaganda machine determined to dominate the news.
They were determined to prepare for it, and in a sense they succeeded brilliantly.
They were determined to prove he was much more important than the innkeeper of a safe house.
Gore had always been a determined campaigner and a skilled debater.
Then if a product or a compound is determined to be safe in a rodent, another species is used.
It's the first major album whose price is determined by what individual consumers want to pay for it.
She was determined that there would be no limit on my aspirations.
The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone.
In a new experiment, researchers say they've determined exactly how the bee ball kills.
Ford has determined that each resident pod speaks a lingo that's distinct even from the language of other pods living nearby.
Size is mainly determined by how much fat the breasts contain.
Shell remains determined to work towards a responsible energy future.
It put two territorial mice in a cage and they did what they do, determined who's space it was.
The distance was determined by looking at the colors of the galaxy.
Neuroscientists have determined that the memory of a fear stimulus triggers dramatic changes in the vital signs of rats.

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