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Readers answer diagnostic questions to determine which lesson might be theirs.
Often, these studies determine heritability by estimating the degree of resemblance between relatives.
However, I was disappointed not to find a scale to determine their size.
Let time and chance determine.
The time interval between the radar pulse and its echo can be used to determine the distance of the ship from earth.
One way to determine the dew point is with a chilled mirror hygrometer.
However, it takes only a few minutes to determine these values for the type of paper and developer you use.
Consequently, it is customary to determine the purchase price by a formula based on earnings, book value or a combination of both.
Tonight's game will determine the winners.
Students can set up experiments to determine which laundry detergent makes the strongest bubbles.
Sometimes additional information is needed in order to determine eligibility.
We determine our own happiness.
Then determine how much surface area you need for pushpins, magnets, and chalk.
Open the umbrella to determine the height of the outer rim.
To determine how much lime or sulfur to add, follow the advice included with your test results.
Convenience, cost, and reusability will determine which containers you use.
The size and strength of the bubbles determine the durability of the meringue.
Your experience, strength, and equipment determine how heavy a rock you can safely handle.
What has been more difficult to determine, however, is how they behaved as they ate.
One legend explains that in order to determine the order of the animals, the gods decided to hold a race across a river.
Or a grocer's glove with sensors that integrate temperature, smell and vision to determine if produce has gone bad.
By following these guidelines it becomes easier to determine whether or not you have really found a fossil bone.
These bouts determine hierarchies among males, and dominant males mate more often than subordinate ones do.
Simply going through the submissions to determine what is appropriate to send on to peer review requires paid employees.
Furthermore, it is still worthwhile to try to determine the function of structures in particular dinosaur species.
The ship would actually map the bottom of the ocean using sonar to determine what the best places were to put down our gear.
The court ordered a trial to determine whether the university had failed in its obligations.
These hearings were conducted in order to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed with the process.
The experiments were meant to determine what makes this influenza virus transmissible.
Next you must determine how much it will cost to employ those people.
But the survey method is no way to determine incidence or to instill virtue in the tempted.
It is impossible to determine the shares accurately.
Do thou only determine to live no longer, unless thou shalt be such.
How far this is possible the pious reader will determine.
It is impossible to determine the exact amount of liquid, owing to differences in flour.
Not without some hesitation, moreover, did the author determine to burden his drama with a preface.
Before taking out a loan, determine how much you are able to borrow for your trip.
Trying to predict the future and determine what clothing you might need on your trip can be downright nerve-racking.
Determine the type of travel you'll use to arrive at your destination.
Check on all aspects of the trip to determine if anything is refundable should you need to cancel your trip.
When you wish to determine the location of a private plane in flight, though, tracking programs are also available.
Each newly sequenced genome allows scientists to determine how humans stack up against other members of the animal kingdom.
If a gun is recovered, a forensic scientist test-fires it to determine the markings it leaves on bullets and cartridge casings.
It is much more difficult, however, to determine the processes that produced and changed these societies.
But it will not emerge at all if the strongmen and the generals determine the pace of change.
No phone taps were ever authorised, so the government had to resort largely to guesswork to determine who was responsible.
It is difficult to determine exactly how much outstanding commercial-property debt was used to finance hotels.
State policies also determine a teacher certification requirement-meaning who gets to teach and who doesn't get to teach.
Firms are studying genetic correlations that might predict a drug's efficacy or determine the cause of a disease.
Bosses' pay matters because it helps determine who runs industry and helps direct how managers behave in the job.
For this reason, the housing market is likely to determine interest-rate decisions, not the other way round.
It is the strategic and economic dialogue between these two bodies that will ultimately determine the yuan's fate.
Besides staging games that are exciting and safe, three criteria will determine how well it does.
But it will be two domestic issues that will determine who wins this month's vote.
Furthermore, it would be possible to see where the contrast agents built up, and hence determine the extent of a tumour.
Our handwriting was the only thing that separated us, the only way to determine which section was whose.
Yet what is and isn't part of the mainstream is something that political campaigns determine.
Tells the procedure used to determine where to drill a rescue hole.
The disturbing thought is that the shape of the endgame, and its toll, is still something this family will help determine.
Each year, sweeps determine how more than twenty billion dollars in ad money gets spent.
Before long, though, it became difficult to determine who was on which side.
Madeline awoke at that instant and was unable to place the banging sound or determine where she was.
Obstruction is broader, anything that hinders law enforcement's ability to determine the truth, such as destruction of evidence.
One cannot determine the proportionality of a military operation without first positively identifying the combatants involved.
Watt considers the range of possibilities in a given situation and tries to determine what, if anything, duty requires of him.
Determine which image size is appropriate for your monitor.
Have a certified home energy rater conduct an audit of your house to determine your insulation needs.
Determine which size is appropriate for your monitor.
Ask groups to discuss their scenarios and to determine the information they think would be helpful to see on a map.
No ecological studies have been conducted to determine why these snakes take to the air.
There are lots of scientists trying to determine the fate of plant and animal species in the context of global warming.
By measuring the electromagnetic spectrum a substance absorbs or emits, you can determine its molecular composition.
As the tart is a deep shade of cocoa, color doesn't help you much to determine when it's finished.
From the market price growers must deduct the costs of sale to determine profit.
The easiest way to determine if things are getting better would be to look at delinquencies.
It is more important than ever to determine the principles on which your literary taste is based.
Ultimately, it is the calories in and the calories out that determine our weight.
There, engineers are performing diagnostic tests in an attempt to determine what might have caused the system to fail.
Willer and colleagues did a series of experiments to determine what role gossip plays in social interaction.
The professors harvested tweets for key words and plugged them into an algorithm to determine the mood of the broader market.
But the researchers did not try to determine how this unusual mating system affected the females.
Researchers have yet to determine how damaging those chemicals are in the small amounts produced.
Paleontologists will keep reviewing evidence to determine which interpretation is more accurate.
Researchers get a new tool to determine protein structures.
Together, cycle life and calendar life determine how long a battery will be useful.
The system could include a sensor to determine when the panel needed cleaning.
Scientists must determine the best cells to transplant, the best way to prepare cells, and when and how they should be delivered.
To determine the speed of each throw by measuring the distance the ball travels and the time it takes to land.
The level of acidity helps the physician to determine when the capsule enters and leaves the stomach.
But some researchers say it's too soon to use the variation to determine treatment.
The properties of this helium crystal determine how quickly the star cools.
Why would you care which party is in office to determine to buy solar or not.
The judge was about to determine whether the boys should be transferred to adult penitentiaries.
And now to this court, which would determine how her dream would end.
The point to be settled is how far they determine the way he says it.
It may well be possible to determine, once and for all, the truth about his fate.
One primary goal of my work is to determine what the gorillas will do on their own with the signs they have learned.
And it still has a long way to go before it works itself out, and before one can determine its nature and consequences.
The jury found these persuasive enough to determine that the traders were not completely deceitful.
The parties guilty of this debauchery are easy to determine.
Determine who should be involved and what their responsibilities will be.
Who your parents are or where you were born should not determine your destiny.
For soccer, the company developed a technology that could determine whether a ball crossed the goal line.

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