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What is needed is the collective determination to provide water for everyone.
Not long after, their determination was tested by a lashing winter storm.
My favorite of the group for the sheer determination on the man's face and the power exerted (and captured) by the animals.
That would be self-determination.
It's not semantic to say that 'good-ness' is a subjective determination.
All are united in their devotion to faith and family, and in their determination to live their values.
Readers will thrill to this slightly offbeat firsthand account of scientific determination and stubborn intellect.
She said after a meeting Monday on the case that no determination was made on whether to seek restitution.
At her house, my mother greets me with a little ram's-horn furrow of determination between her eyes.
International law on self-determination and secession is unclear.
Better to just give people self-determination.
But the profit vs non-profit determination is probably much muddier.
Earning a college degree results from some combination of determination and desire.
Ours is a progressive people, but with a determination that progress must be based upon the foundation of experience.
But his robust good sense, his regard for strict accuracy and his determination to be understood, make him an interesting writer.
His interest in his father's lighthouses went with a firmer determination than ever to be an author.
With relentless determination, the cloud draws ever closer, and in its fiery embrace an enormous city appears.
Residents are learning to shape their own futures and are embracing a new outlook on life with resilience and determination.
On the other hand, our staff always seems to scramble with frantic determination despite the predictability of these tidal events.
Choosing a scene, then waiting for something magical to happen within that composition, requires faith and determination.
Your determination to stick out the cold was really brave of you.
Her focused determination and dedication to the ins and outs of prepping seemed all the more remarkable.
Combating the problem takes technology and determination.
We used our determination to our full advantage to give us a greatly needed boost of energy.
Ideally, the response would be structured based on such a determination.
Many parents wish that they could get their children to devote this determination to solving their problem sets.
With more examination of data that determination will be made someday.
There is always a way to solve the problems and it depends on your determination.
In this case, the methods used are hopelessly blunt to make a valid determination.
The so-called doomsday algorithm uses clever mental arithmetic and mnemonic tricks to enable a quick determination.
My first research project was the determination of the sequence of nucleotides, a technique which was still in its infancy.
In regards to a persons health, and genetic determination as to whether they should pay more for health insurance.
The media selection and determination of issues form public opinions and decide who should win or should win.
Everyone should have the right to self-determination, whether or not that choice agrees with the prevailing culture.
Drivers cannot reliably perform problem determination in response to a critical loss of vehicle control.
So the determination of the overall efficiency of the designed system has to take into account their contributions.
He also had a determination and a confidence in his work that extended to every comma and conjunction.
Replacing oil is going to require more than determination.
Yet there was something moving in his determination to keep on working.
The speed and determination of the uprising took everyone by surprise.
Millions have risked their lives to seek self-determination in countries with some of the world's largest civil-rights deficits.
But she also possessed enormous drive and determination.
Americans may be convinced of their determination not to launch an aggressive or preventive war.
At the port the country's muscular determination to remain in business is manifest on every loading dock.
He made this determination despite the fact that the face printed on them was none other than his own.
The images intensify the self-righteous determination of each side.
People's determination to reunite with their families was so strong that the state relented.
What is striking about these stories is the determination of their authors to believe.
These changes could also be attributed to parenthood, and my determination to do the deed and get home as soon as possible.
All of this is part of their determination to be inclusive.
The look serves her well, sweetly cloaking steely determination.
Unfortunately that and a determination to be wacky at all costs are this so-called comic thriller's only virtues.
He did not return as a precaution and will be evaluated before a determination on his status is made.
Everywhere there was a calm determination to conjure a little order out of chaos.
The third feature uniting them is a determination to run their own lives.
The right of all peoples to self-determination generally holds good across the globe.
He has cash and guns to sustain him, as well as cunning, ruthlessness and do-or-die determination.
She came of a family that had a determination to succeed.
They should do so quickly, given the determination of politicians to overhaul the regulation of financial markets.
One is clients' determination to keep their bills down.
It is a state sponsor of terrorism with a determination to go nuclear.
Political leaders should meet this crisis with the same seriousness and determination they would bring against an invading army.
He ran, his tongue out to show his determination, and then disaster.
If you have a place you want to go and you go there with determination, then that's when you're criticized.
Even if they fail, their determination lives on for others to follow.
Rams are fiery and boisterous, displaying the utmost courage and determination when taking on a task.
The determination to keep up appearances set off a war with some of the company's increasingly stretched hotel owners.

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