determent in a sentence

Example sentences for determent

The prevention, determent and detection of fraud is the responsibility of the organization's management.
Not until after an exhaustive investigation can the cause of the accident be determent.
Any outlet that attacks individuals personally instead of arguing ideas and policy is a determent to that persons position.
Capital punishment should be done away with, because it fails as a determent.
It follows a specific course of action and this, in turn, offers many opportunities for intervention and determent.
Security cameras will help mitigate this breach of security and provide a level of determent from future occurrences.
They must not act to personally benefit their individual firm to the determent of the program.
Some co-ops have a tendency to get lax on their collections, to the determent of the co-op, he notes.
The prime purposes for the consequences should be more as a determent, than a weapon.
There will not be a convenience store, etc that will be determent to the adjacent neighborhood.
It expands judicial power to the determent of the legislature.
He referenced several surveys that indicate the plan would be a determent to the business.
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