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At this point, the tape is beginning to deteriorate, so we thought we should transfer it to a media that doesn't dissolve.
When the weather turns hot, they set seed and deteriorate.
Not immediately, but it will slowly deteriorate.
But they can become oil- soaked, causing them to deteriorate.
The study looks at how muscles deteriorate during extended weightlessness.
The normal subjects continued to deteriorate.
You don't know when your neighborhood will deteriorate.
It is truly a shame to see the situation deteriorate to this point.
But the area was mostly abandoned, and over time, the vacant firehouse became home to vagrants and began to deteriorate.
His father's condition continued to deteriorate.
Adjustments must be made so that animals do not suffer and the island does not deteriorate.
Both diseases can cause the heart to deteriorate until it is unable to function.
If the weather continued to deteriorate, the short-haul option would have to be abandoned.
Commercial mortgage-backed securities continue to deteriorate, as some businesses struggle with weak consumer demand.
What's more, some believe that there is no fundamental reason why the body must deteriorate.
Their heirs, rather than demolishing the houses to build tenements, enjoyed the rents and let the properties deteriorate.
Left to themselves, they will continue to deteriorate or else gentrify as real-estate developers move in to make a killing.
And, with that gone, he began to deteriorate further.
His vision continued to deteriorate during his entire life.
And as the economies of those towns deteriorate further, local officials have few employers to turn to for help.
The faculty at my university was abysmally low and everyone was expecting conditions to deteriorate.
Various stakeholders will squabble and object until financial conditions deteriorate past the point of no return.
Also, plants operating at high temperatures and pressures tend to deteriorate quickly, adding to costs.
Some organizers fear it will deteriorate further without their central forum.
Health will always deteriorate if a medical system cannot keep pace with new challenges.
Should his health deteriorate to the point where he can no longer make a cup of tea, he will be encouraged into residential care.
Critics say that medical care will deteriorate if damages are capped.
It is buying a mortgage book that continues to deteriorate.
Local politicians had resisted the move, nervous that care might deteriorate.
The deficit is forecast to start widening again by the end of the decade, and to deteriorate rapidly thereafter.
There's no point in keeping an empty factory around and letting it deteriorate.
The situation is expected to deteriorate in the coming years.
People's skills deteriorate and they may eventually become discouraged from seeking work.
Not doing that is actually what makes things deteriorate.
But let the relationship deteriorate, and then its all contractual and economic.
Even if they normally mitigate risks, they might suddenly magnify them when financial conditions seriously deteriorate.
But the responsibility ultimately lies with the government which allowed the situation to deteriorate into chaos.
People also forget how things continued to deteriorate after the immediate panic.
As countries have become more socialist they have watched their standard of living deteriorate.
The results offer new insight into why malaria patients often deteriorate significantly at the fever stage.
Eggs generally deteriorate during the freezing process because they are not sufficiently dehydrated.
The functioning of all body systems and organs, including the brain, tends to deteriorate with age.
It that is low enough to ensure that the engine performance won't deteriorate too quickly all should be well.
So too, everyone has also had a good one, and these are the ones who tend to take flight when conditions deteriorate in a school.
And nitrous oxides are corrosive, which means equipment downwind will deteriorate much faster.
Some people with this syndrome have regained normal kidney function only to have their kidneys deteriorate years later.
The smaller the cut of fish, the fast it will deteriorate.
Researchers are trying to determine when and how the brain begins to deteriorate.
Many people experience no symptoms at all for years, even as their kidneys continue to deteriorate.
Also, patients with delirium are more likely to deteriorate physically or mentally and to die.
Occasionally boards split, warp or otherwise deteriorate.
His condition is relatively stable, but continues to deteriorate.
When these coatings deteriorate, they need to be replaced.
Sandbags deteriorate when exposed for several months to continued wetting and drying.
Conditions over the waters will deteriorate with strong winds and increasing fresh swell.
Wildlife researchers moved into the fuel storage building as well as the fog signal buildings, leaving the others to deteriorate.
Over time there health would deteriorate from not taking care of their bodies.
They will not stop weeds from sprouting and over time can deteriorate and come to the surface.
Consequently new populations are not being established as old sites deteriorate.
However, interest in the occupation waned, order among those living on the island began to deteriorate.

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