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Example sentences for detergent

The research team then injected both sets of mice with a detergent that caused the demyelination of their nerve cells.
You're adding an anti-foaming additive, a dispersant and a detergent.
Basic chemistry will tell you this dispersant is simply a detergent that emulsifies the oil.
As the drums rotate, the water wets the clothes and the detergent gets to work loosening the dirt.
It doesn't sound too difficult--a detergent with a gold atom at one end would collect on the surface and form a mirror.
There was a whiff of garlic here, a breath of laundry detergent there.
The slowly drying water and sticky detergent can actually attract more dirt.
Both oil and dispersants, which chemically resemble dishwashing detergent, hamper the ability of corals to colonize and reproduce.
Wash all clothes and bed linens in hot water with detergent.
Detergent drops such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide may help remove the wax.
Mix any kind of dish detergent with a little ammonia and scrub with a camel hair brush.
There are purists who claim a wok should never be cleaned with liquid detergent.

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bodies wrapped in elastic bands, bodies cased in wood or used like telephones, bodies crucified up onto their crutches, ... more
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