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Trial lawyers argue that malpractice lawsuits deter negligence.
To help deter weeds and conserve moisture, apply a 2- to 3-inch layer of compost around seedlings.
It uses sound and small strobe lights to deter deer from crossing .
Also, it makes the leaf and stem less yummy for the insects, thereby deterring them.
There are fewer customers at the book signing area of this store, but that doesn't deter the authors.
But the more interesting reason is that they also built the system to deter themselves.
Fortunately, in that case, it did not deter him from seeking justice.
Engagement is designed to reward good behaviour and hedging to deter bad.
We need meaningful punishment to deter crime.
That is natural enough, but they often deter private investment or exclude it altogether.
To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him, must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
Technical and financial problems in the power sector also impede industrial development, and deter foreign investment.
The conviction of these scientists would in no way effect or deter the groups you are mentioning.
Their sticky webs, which so effectively trap some insects, can also deter others.
Many wild seeds evolved to be bitter, bad-tasting, or actually poisonous to deter animals from eating them.
Execution does not deter, as many studies have proved.
The perfume could even deter mosquitoes in realistic conditions.
Even more disturbing, no matter how many proposed observational signatures fail to materialize, nothing seems to deter the field.
While its size may deter predators, it is of little use in combating them.
They were meant to deter pranksters from freeing cows and turning over outhouses.
But these benefits only hold in countries with enforcement policies strong enough to deter rule breakers.
Maybe they buy costlier clothes to deter slights from racist salesclerks.
Painting the wood will deter some carpenter bees, but it isn't the best solution.
It does not deter crime, and it does not make us safer.
The few drugs proved to deter cancer are widely ignored, researchers say, while ineffective supplements are used.
The point is that the legislation will deter some users from obtaining infringing content, leading to benefits for our economy.
Businesses worry that such a big rise will deter investment.
Economists worry that, together with the new pension, it will deter small businesses from joining the formal economy.
The government's restrictions on leverage in property transactions may not help deter these customers.
This, they argue, would deter speculators from hoarding empty property and help bring prices down.
It creates several new procedures to deter or defeat bad patents.
It also suggests why floating rates did not deter cross-border investment.
Coverage has to be large and repayment swift, to deter panic withdrawals.
So this should give support to uncovered-interest parity and deter the carry trade.
If that fails to deter, they may be temporarily cut off.
If the source of the foreign exchange is inward investors, not exporters, a country can impose capital controls to deter them.
Such measures are usually oppressive, and deter future inflows of all kinds.
But inevitably they also deter many honest businesses too.
Red tape, petty protectionism, restrictive labour laws and confusion between different levels of government deter investment.
Crowds or inflated hotel prices may deter others from coming.
The measure is intended to deter speculative buying.
The government seems little inclined to deter the volunteers more rigorously.
And without autocrats to deter illegal migrants, countries will have to rethink their immigration policies.
Higher taxes on wages can deter some people, especially second-earners and lone parents, from working.
And given real supply constraints, actual changes in behaviour are necessary, and subsidies will deter these shifts.
Wireless carriers are also revamping their practices to deter infiltration.
Grocers putting electronic tags on sirloin to deter shoplifters.
The next update will support multiple accounts so don't let that deter you.

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