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And now they've determined the details behind that detection.
His acuteness in the detection of errors is no less admirable than is the ingenuity shown in their correction.
The wrong is indifferent to him until the fear of detection and punishment steals in upon him.
Detection could not be in your power, and suspicion certainly not in your inclination.
Thirteen of those who participated worked in drug detection, three in explosives detection, and two worked in both.
Trust, and the detection and punishment of injustice, lie at the heart of human society.
We can play an important role in early disease detection through, for instance, medical imaging technology.
But avoidance of a direct hand-over is common even where there is no chance of detection.
Dermatologists would not agree that the device is equally or better at detection.
Transit detection can pick up much smaller planets than previous methods based on gravity-induced wobbles in the stellar parent.
But such radio-wave detection devices remain in the experimental stages for the moment.
Part of the increase may be explained by better detection equipment and reporting.
The actual detection is done by infra-red light, which reflects off the user's skin and clothes.
Their decade-long career exposes weaknesses in detection and prevention.
He developed many methods of detection, and was first one to shadow a criminal, and administer the first degree.
After achieving the detection and frustration of the hidden enemy, our elated friend reported the exploit to his captain.
It turns out that the scene is positioned as an opening gambit in a complicated scheme that mixes detection and science fiction.
The players find a better way to clean their system or a new enhancement that avoids detection.
One particularly successful project centered on the detection of buried land mines by speckle imaging.
They're also vulnerable to detection on visual inspection: expired packaged goods or rat droppings will be seen by inspectors.
Early detection is the key against any type of cancer.
Mood detection will be a distinct sub-specialty of affective computing.
If a cavity bomber reaches the airport without detection, he will have a high-likelihood of success in carrying out his mission.
The pleasure of it is partly the pleasure of detection, the pleasure of recognition, the pleasure of response.
For years patients have been told that early cancer detection saves lives.
Health officials attribute the increase in part to earlier detection and better treatment.
They refine their methods, and search for new ways to maximize their illegal profit while minimizing their chance of detection.
Cancer represents the frontier of dog-detection research.
Capture rare wildlife activity with digital motion-detection and infrared cameras, and inconspicuous bird cameras.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
The pesky noise was getting in the way of earthquake detection.
The researchers devised a sensitive detection system and placed it in the hives to record the bees' sounds.
To avoid detection fishers place their bait in the middle of the night, according to the newspaper account.
But the real prize would be the detection of a signal from the epoch of re-ionization.
New brain-imaging techniques have reawakened interest in lie detection.
Because they stay in the body longer than the active drug, the window of detection is longer.
During this time the sub may become more vulnerable to detection and may be more restricted in its ability to perform its mission.
Early detection of cancer is often a key factor in successful treatment.
To the long list of jobs that dogs do for humans, add another: the detection of water pollution.
These new pocket-size sensors could provide more practical and powerful detection of such potential public health risks.
The system used a camera to include your real image in the virtual game position detection used infra-red devices.
The world desperately needs a reliable lie-detection methodology.
Remarkably, rods can respond reliably to a single visible light photon, so they operate at the physical limit of light detection.
The actual path taken by the neutrinos to their detection device seemingly cannot be definitively determined.
Normally nicotine molecules are small enough to evade detection by the immune system.
High-quality cameras all employ the same basic system for automatic focusing, known as phase-detection autofocus.
Detection and treatment often work more slowly and gropingly, from the outside in.
To avoid detection, he would sometimes send the convoy ahead and then ride in an old pickup truck driven by one of his commanders.
Also, local brain damage might trigger changes in the nerve cell wiring that enhance lie detection.
In other cancer detection news, some are using dogs to sniff out cancer and others use genetic tests to figure out cancer risks.
Infrasound detection may also be useful for predicting volcanic events.
Such limitations in a study's design can escape detection even by top peer reviewers and medical editors.
Finding an asteroid this size that eluded detection up until now is somewhat unsettling.
Yet the rate of brain cancer detection has been steady for years.
Lo next applied the technique to the detection of genetic conditions.
The reason survival rates increase is because of advocacy and awareness which drives research funding and early detection methods.
Both times, my cancer was diagnosed by early detection with mammography and biopsy.
One of them has that hot gas, but the other is more indistinct and the detection of gas isn't as strong.
But they interact so infrequently with the normal matter in particle detectors that they have so far eluded detection altogether.
But in fact brown dwarfs are so faint that to optical telescopes they can escape detection even if they're our cosmic neighbors.
None of the cases in this book is particularly interesting as an example of detection.
The story of the recovery and the detection of these manuscripts is long and complicated.
It is now working to place its liquid-explosives-detection technology in airports.
The device is a thousand times more sensitive than the current gold standard in explosives detection: the sniffer dog.
At that point, nothing should be running except the detection software and the operating system itself.
One important next step is demonstrating single-molecule sensitivity with the detection method.
The greenish well shows a signal resulting from the detection of a brain-cancer cell.
To the degree that space exploration involves manned missions, the need for better radiation detection is acute.
The trap, with a little help from an antireflective coating, approximately tripled the efficiency of previous detection efforts.
New detection techniques and treatments are exciting--and confusing.
It is treatable with appropriate antibiotics and the prognosis with early detection and treatment is good.
Clipping issues remain a problem, as well as collision detection.

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