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The prisoners who were detained with me were intellectuals.
When he's detained at the border, panic gets the best of him.
He showed decided disappointment at the prospect of being detained.
Chapman and his companions were committed to prison, though they do not seem to have been detained long.
Always now he liked it better when he was detained when he had to go and see her.
Our agents observed him throw it, detained him and interviewed him.
He was referring to the overall counterterrorism effort, but in the context of detained captives the line was suggestive.
They may be detained without charges for seventy-two hours or held in a tuberculosis-ridden pre-trial detention center for years.
Several of his bodyguards were detained and then paraded on national television, where they confessed their alleged crimes.
If it is not against the law, nobody should be detained or arrested.
Near the border they were detained by drug gangs, who offered them a different illegal job.
We call upon the police to cease these illegal actions immediately and to release the people who have been illegally detained.
He was twice detained and forcibly returned to his home by police.
The city is full of spies and informers who have on occasions detained reporters who have been spotted unaccompanied.
He was subsequently reported to have been detained in a wide-ranging bribery probe.
Her home was later raided by police, who detained her for several days.
In the two weeks after the bombing, the police detained several hundred people for questioning and formally arrested six of them.
Possibly hundreds of thousands have been detained, however briefly.
It is not known how many monks and other protesters have been killed, wounded or detained.
Those found without papers are detained for three months, then told to leave the country within four weeks.
Accept a pearl of wisdom from a friend who can guide past fears that have detained you.
But last month he was detained for four days under suspicion of being an illegal immigrant.

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