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Get ideas for outdoor dining pavilions from detailed vignettes.
The new version will also ask for more-detailed information about language proficiency.
And letters of recommendation that give detailed information about your strengths and developmental areas.
She irked some students because she did not give out detailed study guides for tests.
We both take academic misconduct seriously and have filed formal, detailed misconduct complaints.
Dive travel books include dive site descriptions, advice and detailed maps.
Every part on this bus was completely rebuilt and detailed to the highest level possible.
The blob had turned into a surprisingly detailed map of the world.
Unfortunately, the poems are long and difficult to understand, requiring pages of detailed exposition.
But as clear and detailed as these memories feel, psychologists find they are surprisingly inaccurate.
Within their pages are detailed accounts and illustrations of remedies derived from plants and herbs.
He detailed their ceremonies, ossuaries and meals of hulled corn.
But her book is so detailed it can be slow slogging for readers who are not environmental historians.
So be sure to check out the cruise line profiles detailed in any good travel guide.
Print detailed illustrations of great white sharks and other animals to color or use in school projects.
The map is so detailed it includes features that are as small as half the size of a basketball court.
These are important questions and rigorous research is needed to improve the detailed understanding beyond the above estimates.
Astronomers have peered billions of years back in time to make detailed maps of the early cosmos.
The first, currently underway and expected to be completed by year's end, is the detailed scanning of the six individuals.
One is to enter detailed information on current conditions such as temperature and wind velocity into computer simulations.
Anyone interested can find a more detailed review of the current evidence at the site below.
For sheer, high-detailed beauty, nothing beats an up-close view.
Now a new examination of three decades of seismic data is providing a more detailed picture of our planet's center.
The conceptions of popular thought and of metaphysics alike are in it subjected to detailed, relentless criticism.
Frémont published no detailed account of this fifth and last of his expeditions.
News embodied in to-day's journals is more detailed and plastic.
Chance has also detailed the group's efforts to remain safe and secure food as fighting rages outside.
What follows is a longer, more detailed, and more statistics-laden exploration of why crime rates are falling.
Include the city and state where the image is taken, and as detailed a description as you're willing to offer.
Crucially, he took the initiative and presented a detailed plan.
The list of the administration's food safety accomplishments is long and detailed, and many are impressive.
Researchers have created a detailed map of energy consumption by buildings.
Watch a detailed demonstration of how to make solar cells more efficient.
So far these machines have been used mainly to make detailed plastic models based on computer designs.
The images themselves are smaller and less detailed than those from a full-size ultrasound.
The website dashboard provides more detailed access to data.
Scientists can use these diffusion measurements to map the wires, creating a detailed blueprint of the brain's connectivity.
Clouds in the staring sky transmit to each other, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him.
Her way of thinking which is highly visual and extraordinarily facile and detailed.
Mysteries solved by combining detailed histories and modern knowledge.
Better, more detailed observations will make this clearer.
And editing gene expression would allow much more detailed control over those cells than is currently possible.
Learning some things requires high tech, detailed histories of long ago events, and modern day science.
The next day, his teacher reprimanded the two boys and ordered them to write a detailed account of what they had witnessed.
Meanwhile, the existing patterns are merely correlations and need to be checked at a more detailed, local level.
It seems to me that it was fairly straightforward, if a bit detailed.
Anna lives in a large empty house, venturing out in the spring to paint exquisitely detailed forest scenes.
They had been on radio and television, and made the subject of detailed scientific and popular reports.
Moreover, their detailed discussions of policy on nuclear proliferation tend to be technical and boring.
It is not a detailed account of great and familiar political events.
The tools below can give you more detailed information from a variety of sources.
It was clearly someone who had been sneaking around in his vineyard, and for quite some time, to produce such a detailed sketch.
Indeed, the ever more detailed nature of this conversation may mean there's no time to speak to anyone else.
The local museum's box of unidentifiable objects became a roomful of exhibits, with detailed labels and interesting footnotes.

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