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Retinal detachment repair is eye surgery to place a detached retina back into its normal position.
The statement is childishly idealistic and lacks the proper level of critical detachment needed in a serious scholar.
Yet he is taunted by the suspicion that his detachment is inhuman.
Pop culture is full of characters who approach ghosts with scientific detachment instead of terror.
Retinal detachment usually begins with a tear or break in the retina.
It took him years to abandon the detachment of simple lines and captured movement.
There are also a number of participants who lack professional experience and detachment.
Two colonels, both barefoot, also form part of the detachment.
The modern setting keeps the audience from detachment.
Although there is supporting evidence for lithospheric detachment form geophysical data, the process remains unproven.
The generation that came after them gave a more mechanical expression to its detachment.
To be effective, it must be done before scarring and detachment occurs.
His engaged detachment prevents him from acquiring biases and hobby horses.
Contact with the colony has suddenly been lost, and a detachment of colonial marines is being sent to investigate.
Finally, she takes a razor to her arm, and the resultant flash of pain and gush of blood release her from the spell of detachment.
He is observing us with a perfect combination of attention and detachment.
Hookups do satisfy biology, but the emotional detachment doesn't satisfy the soul.
She approaches the world of publishing and her success with a cool detachment.
Flying corks can cause retina detachment, double vision, and blindness.
By establishing think tanks, conservatism could acquire the same sheen of detachment.
Its distinctive features are its scope and its detachment.
Retinal detachment often occurs on its own without an underlying cause.
The president was engaged in the war rhetorically but maintained an odd detachment from its management.
Although often brief and harmless, they may be a sign of retinal detachment.
Neel had a particular knack for capturing moments of extreme detachment between couples.
Nevertheless he looks at it with a certain detachment.
Many eye diseases, especially glaucoma and retinal detachment, are curable or can be treated if detected early.
Retinal disease, including detachment, can occur but is rare.
The pharmacy opens onto what used to be the cloister, now the parade ground of the local carabinieri detachment.
Major hemorrhage or retinal detachment can result, causing severe visual loss or blindness.
The sensation of seeing flashing lights may indicate retinal detachment.

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