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Schumpeter was tempted to visit some creative destruction on the book with a blowtorch.
But severe earthquakes that cause widespread destruction happen on average once every five years.
Today, water is a bigger concern than the wind when it comes to property destruction and loss of life.
Hernández throws his hands up in despair when he thinks of the destruction.
Yet policies at every level conspire to wreak its destruction.
These storms bring destruction ashore in many different ways.
But eventually, as the price of petroleum increases, destruction will start to decline.
Seeing the destruction so close to my hometown was devastating.
Librarians planted the seeds of their own destruction and are responsible for their own downfall.
It usually applies to military law or employee-related destruction of property.
Rarely had the world witnessed such a whirlwind of destruction.
She says there should be more research on the ethical implications of habitat destruction and farming on animals.
The destruction of the world's rain forests plays a role in the problem of global warming.
Any traces of such destruction would be erased in time.
But modern tools of destruction were not available to them--one cannot equate malice merely with the body count.
The rub is that extracting embryonic stem cells involves destruction of human embryos.
The nonprofit hopes this practice will reduce destruction of mangrove forests, which protect coasts from erosion.
We can not allow the destruction of our nation over some alleged endangered animals.
Schumpeter developed a theory of innovation and economic change characterised by the phrase creative destruction.
But obtaining human embryonic stem cells has been controversial, because until now it required the destruction of living embryos.
They don't call it creative destruction for nothing.
Two projects on opposite ends of the planet demonstrate how difficult it is to reverse human destruction of ecosystems.
After all, despite differences about the ethics of hunting, both groups lament urban sprawl and habitat destruction.
Probably, there was no good action that could be taken to prevent destruction.
The questions that prompt all this destruction are important.
Good roads encourage driving, which exacerbates global warming and accelerates the destruction of the ozone layer.
If you want to stop the destruction of fisheries worldwide, look at who is eating the fish.
These data are being processed into maps that show the degree of destruction.
It appears, however, that he will give up this glorious opportunity for destruction.
If the review does halt the destruction of the forest, that would be the time to celebrate.
Many cultures have flood myths-tales of ancient destruction on an epic scale.
No doubt, current drugs are used to suppressive the destruction power of the virus against its host.
Their destruction would rob a natural treasure from scientists and the public alike.
There's plenty of destruction and degradation, but the works are not simply about that.
Rather, they were the conspirators at the table unknowingly setting the path for destruction by degrees.
But he never lost the atomic breath that, along with his sheer bulk, served as his main weapon of destruction.
The relentless destruction of their tropical-forest habitat has endangered their entire species.
Deadly tornadoes spin, leaving a path of destruction.
The destruction of this ozone, which heats the upper atmosphere, could have profound impacts on global climate.
Hearts are heavy from living amid so much destruction.
Entomologists blame habitat destruction and two cold, wet growing seasons.
Many of these aquatic monsters are thought to be seriously threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction.
The physical destruction of brain matter or the disruption of brain cell communication can have profound effects.
As the last few years demonstrate, financial innovations can be used as tools of economic destruction.
Their idea was to cut the cost to farmers in half by financing boll-weevil destruction with gambling money.
Climate change, habitat destruction, pesticides and disease have all been suggested as possible causes.
It is also amazingly unchanged, given its location in a country that has seen so much turmoil and destruction.
He wanted all present to bear witness to this destruction.
Shifting of sounds without destruction of phonetic pattern.
Had it obeyed my words, it would have fallen on us to our destruction.
Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves.
The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.
Some of the cells lining the blood capillaries of the liver are concerned in the destruction of red blood corpuscles.
In many cases, the researchers could not explain the threat in terms of known causes, such as habitat destruction or hunting.
Because not only is the potential for destruction increasing, but so are the frequency and intensity of storms as well.
The amount does not include damages from climate change, ecosystem destruction or risks to national security.
Invasive species are generally regarded as the second largest cause of biodiversity loss, right after habitat destruction.
Humans are the ultimate invasive species with an appalling record of exploitation and destruction.
My own situation has many faults, but the purpose of criticism is improvement, not destruction.
But before all that, to me, there was only the destruction.
So one of the interesting features about violence is that it's the meeting point of desire and destruction.
The creative aspects of creative destruction almost always represent progress.
Then random destruction began--windows were smashed, parts torn off, upholstery ripped.
What remains after round after around of creative destruction has proven its value.
Low-lying, thin stretches of beach are especially susceptible to destruction.
In sharp contrast to military injuries, minimal tissue destruction is seen, and minimal debridement is needed.
The result: autoimmune destruction of some heart tissue and the heart valves.
But he simultaneously ordered the destruction of any literature that he felt could be a threat to his power.
Nitrogen is essential to the chemistry of life and, sometimes, its destruction.
The global rates of biodiversity loss and habitat destruction is a real worry.
History had been the record of growth, conflict, and destruction.
But the images also allow us to glimpse the destruction in a relatively benign environment-books are not people.
Describes all the wildlife and environmental destruction caused by wild hogs.
He could barely even pretend to act as if he cared about the destruction of the great city and its infra dig inhabitants.
But behind the self-destruction was an almost pathological fearlessness.
It is this affluence, and the unnecessary spending that it sucks you into, that is driving much of the destruction of the planet.
Swarms of antibodies disable the invader, marking it for destruction by white blood cells or other immune molecules.
The third gene is thought to be involved in digesting proteins and might contribute to tissue destruction at the joint.
It seems also to me that your proposed device would further the destruction of humanity at large.
There has been much headway into technologies that don't involve the destruction of embryos to get stem cells for research.
In fact, their calculations were consistent with a high probability of planetary destruction over a long run.
Now we're learning that climate disruptions feed off one another in accelerating spirals of destruction.
The end result is a tipping of the bone balance away from bone destruction and toward bone formation.
They see that war is a state of almost pure sin with its goals of hatred and destruction.
Suicide, self-destruction, auto-annihilation: these are not pretty words.

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