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Houses and other destroyed buildings are being demolished and construction is underway practically everywhere you look.
Trade barriers and monopolies merely destroyed entrepreneurialism.
Human serum destroyed only eight of the bacterial strains.
Further civil wars destroyed much of the library's contents.
It has already destroyed citrus production in many parts of the world.
The number of salmon and herring eggs destroyed was put in the billions.
Elsewhere at the university, greenhouses were flooded, and many research projects were destroyed.
Everywhere good businesses are going bankrupt and jobs are being destroyed.
The rest starved after their crops and livestock were destroyed.
For decades, neuroscientists have destroyed nerves to study how well they can regenerate.
The quake destroyed the city's water mains, paralyzing the fire department.
Then one year they destroyed mine and all those in the neighborhood.
Embryos are destroyed when embryonic stem cells are obtained from them.
It was that fact that destroyed the public finances.
The universe is constantly being created-and destroyed.
There may have been other paintings but they were likely destroyed by the water that now fills the cave.
They have destroyed parts of a once-pristine rainforest.
They will continue long after they have destroyed all the hoodoos they once carved.
Nevertheless, it was nearly destroyed by fire and bombardment, and was a ghost town by war's end.
The teams pack and transport the deadly cargo to a remote location where it is destroyed.
So the universe should have been destroyed soon after it was created.
Their natural space is shrinking as more and more forests are destroyed by logging and the spread of agriculture.
Fishing fleets from countries that have destroyed their own coastal ecosystems range around the world destroying others.
Engineers have designed a pipe-crawling robotic caterpillar that could seek out human victims in destroyed buildings.
The principal reason why species become extinct is that their habitat is destroyed.
They reused stone from the destroyed city to build the igloo-shaped pits.
Eight people were killed and some four-fifths of the commercial district destroyed.
But the shocking part was to see how everything can be destroyed so fast.
It is easy, since they have destroyed any kind of checks and balances.
The cost of developing this type of research is the production of human embryos who end up being destroyed.
In a state where farming is important, crops and markets have been destroyed.
The price of this in destroyed jobs will not depend only on the recession's depth.
More worryingly, sponges, seaweeds and centuries-old coral are destroyed.
In the third, his entire brain was destroyed except for one part that kept him breathing.
Lush vegetation has crept over buildings destroyed by war.
The fire had destroyed more buildings than the earthquake had.
In the scuffle, players' creations can be destroyed.
US really has been taken over and is being destroyed from within.
The world's coral reefs touch our lives in many ways, yet an alarming number of them have been degraded or destroyed.
Realizing he had worked his whole life in vain, he destroyed all his paintings and was found dead the next day.
In tropical climes, the heat, damp and termites would have destroyed them.
Then, a year ago, the firm itself was all but destroyed.
Over the ensuing centuries, much of what was known about this enigmatic people was lost or destroyed.
The reason why the lawyers were wary was that e-mail cannot be destroyed.
The eruption destroyed the volcano's peak, replacing it with a horseshoe-shaped crater.
With out some form of capitalism the motivation for economic development is destroyed.
Linking a boss's reward to his firm's share price was supposed to deter him from mergers that destroyed shareholder value.
Unless you instruct us otherwise, your cells will be destroyed at the conclusion of the project.
Embryos are destroyed when embryonic stem cells are taken from them.
But that is little consolation if you are one of those whose job is destroyed by new technology.
Interesting the ship wasn't completely destroyed by this part of the construction.
Their forest habitat is being disturbed and destroyed in many places.
Totally destroyed any coherence, any energy, any sense at all of each other.
The press, ultimately discovered by those it mocked, was destroyed.
Relaxing the standard may also have been what destroyed it.
It is sickening to watch areas that are livable being destroyed by greed.
Better, in their view, to allow viable babies to be brutally destroyed than to entertain any discussion about the procedure.
After a harrowing journey through the patient's body, the scientists succeed: the clot is destroyed and the patient cured.
Many of the texts could have been burned or otherwise destroyed.
It has destroyed our ability to control our own food sources.
Today's species face a similar fate as their habitats are destroyed.
But that means the tortoises die from suffocation even as large chunks of their habitat are destroyed.
Polypropylene however, is destroyed simply by burning, because its calorific capacity is similar to that of oil.
Similarly, if a group of nerve cells be destroyed, the fibers arising from them undergo degeneration.
Kilometers in length and well over a million metric tons unloaded, it had never once been destroyed in combat.
When a positron encounters its regular opposite, an electron, both are destroyed in a shower of new particles.
They have not discarded or destroyed the artwork yet, but that is becoming a real possibility as the month comes to a close.
In less than the four years that it used to take to graduate, this accomplishment is being destroyed.
The weekend blaze destroyed a portable building housing system computers as well as paper records.
The quake-and subsequent tsunami-destroyed thousands of buildings, trapping people in the ruins.
Here two kinds of stimulus packages and two political parties created a violent conflict that nearly destroyed the nation.
All of the buildings were destroyed and nearly a dozen students, professors, and other employees were killed.
The stuff that is made public through official channels has already had sensitive information scrubbed, omitted, or destroyed.
After climbing out of the mine through a shaft, the miners found their homes destroyed and many of their family members missing.
But even with less of its habitat being destroyed the spotted owl population has yet to bounce back.
The water molecules absorb the ultraviolet rays-and, though those molecules are destroyed, the embryonic planet is shielded.
Energy can not be created or destroyed only transferred there is no constant, only motion being acted upon by every other motion.
Three containment buildings were destroyed by explosions.
There is no accounting for the embodied energy in the materials that are being destroyed.
Damaged planes crash to the ground and destroyed ships sink to the bottom of the sea.
As they are destroyed, the blast-energy is absorbed.
Old dated dysfunctional buildings should be destroyed and new better structures implemented.
Six months later, when the couple broke up, her partner asked that they be destroyed.
Some companies have created great wealth for their shareholders, while others have destroyed vast amounts.
They have been ruinous for the people whose homes and businesses have been damaged and destroyed.
Hundreds of people were killed, the city was destroyed and hundreds of thousands fled into the countryside.
More significantly, he has shown that if such ageing cells are selectively destroyed, these adverse effects go away.
Acid rain destroyed fish populations in lakes and streams, harmed fragile soils and damaged millions of acres of forest worldwide.
Some poles were taken to museums, while others decayed or were destroyed.
Scribes no longer copied them, and existing manuscripts were often destroyed.
Then, within a few years, they lost their appeal and almost all were destroyed.
The narratives of destroyed lives and broken families have never been dissected in magazines, or in books, or in syndication.
Three weeks earlier a monsoon destroyed several thousand unfired bricks that had been left drying on factory grounds.
But these delicate cells die off as people age, and can be destroyed by loud noises and exposure to certain drugs.
The flying saucers were around for millions of years and society destroyed these visitors who wished to help.
When that molecule holds a bit of a virus, it's a signal to other cells that the cell is infected and needs to be destroyed.
And, of course, it is not totally destroyed but returned to its original condition.
If you drain the battery completely, many forms of batteries are irreversibly destroyed.
Embryos can be donated to research or to other couples, destroyed, or left languishing in frozen storage.
It's sad that the habitat these discoveries are coming from is being destroyed everyday.
If companies could actually support the questions and ideas of their employees they might not have to be destroyed and replaced.
The fiber building bio-processes in the human body allow the fiber to be destroyed also.
The same social problem destroyed equally vital function of science.
The researcher believes it could have destroyed vast areas of farmland.
Researchers engineered the mouse with a gene that destroyed its own liver cells.
They go to jail, and their already crappy lives get destroyed for voicing concerns.
Therefore, if micro is destroyed then the size of the group too must reduce.
Earlier efforts at lighter designs were universal failures-disabled or destroyed, some within weeks, by the wind itself.
Yet vital habitat is being destroyed as sprawling human populations encroach.
For others, he is a villain, the guy who destroyed the game for everyone else.
Two homes, a store, and several vehicles were destroyed or damaged.
When the epidermis is destroyed, the body surface is a standing invitation to pathogens.
They have destroyed much of the ocean around themselves by over-exploitation.
But there is a darker side to the whole thing: people dying and homes destroyed.
But when stress hits, the antidote is destroyed, allowing the toxin to ravage the inner workings of the bacterial cell.
They absolutely destroyed my life, my daughters life and the lives the extend from us.
These are not destroyed by digestive enzymes or cooking.
He heated each sample until the overlay of soft magnetization was destroyed.
They were destroyed, and two workers who had been sent underground to check for leaks were killed.
The company tests the serum on apes, one of which goes mad and has to be destroyed.
Once harvested, the leaves and stems have to be processed rapidly or they will be destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet light.
Archeologists say he thus destroyed as much archeology as he discovered.
The wrappers are stamped with a date one week hence, at which point they are retrieved from stores and destroyed.
When the last of a set has been sold, the mold is either donated to a museum or destroyed.
It would have destroyed the paperback with that on the cover.
What this transition meant, however, is that jobs and livelihoods on the farm were being destroyed.
State officials told him they had all been destroyed.
Jack now needs to turn the light back on lest the entire island be destroyed.
Farmers reported that over the course of one night, all of their rice crops were destroyed.
It wasn't only that he destroyed lives and decimated charities.
Seventy homes sustained damage and eighteen homes adjacent to the destroyed dwellings were left uninhabitable.
Staff covered for each other, grievance processes were sabotaged and evidence was frequently destroyed.
All this would imply that it will not quickly allow itself to be destroyed or implode through rivalries.
But measures should be taken to keep them from being destroyed.
Closed for sixty years-or sometimes destroyed-temples, churches and mosques are being rebuilt at a breakneck pace.
There was and there was not a great nature painter who painted a landscape so perfect it destroyed him.
New lineages will proliferate to replace those that monoculture farming and deforestation have destroyed.
During her childhood late in the seventeenth century, she watched her family and tribe destroyed by smallpox.
There's the debris of a battlefield or a landmark church destroyed.
When the resale period is up, any leftover parts must be destroyed, and the government is notified that the car is gone for good.
So, many physicians recommend chemotherapy as a safety measure, to ensure that any remaining cancer cells are destroyed.

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