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Destroy the misconceptions by having students read primary sources they would not pick up on their own.
Narrative, description and quotation illustrate a universal tendency to overfish and destroy.
They preserve what has a value for them and will destroy everything that has in their eyes no value.
Hunt suspected that humans alone could not destroy the forests this quickly.
Send it out to sea in search of a humanitarian aid ship to destroy.
He removed the heart so carefully not because he intended to eat, or otherwise, destroy it.
Lava can burn, bury, and destroy everything in its path.
The exposure would prompt the body's immune system to raise its own disease-fighting antibodies to destroy the protein.
To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.
Destroy slugs and snails or put them in a bag and toss them in the garbage.
But don't worry, it won't destroy all your files or replicate itself and spread to all your friends' inboxes.
It is about the vicious use of false reasons to destroy professors.
In a single day the anchor of a cruise ship can destroy an area of coral reef half the size of a football pitch.
But it is destined to repeat its violent past and destroy itself again.
But the high temperatures can destroy some nutrients too.
Destroy any lilies that have mottled leaves or are seriously stunted.
The foundation rejected a request two years ago to destroy the tapes.
It seems that someone had given the order to destroy their records.
However, people can destroy it in a single planting season or with a single landscaping endeavor.
Loggers also destroy silky habitat when they cut down, illegally, valuable rosewood trees.
But it shows what can happen if too many people embrace a luxury brand-and, thereby, destroy the myth of exclusivity.
The melting of ice-rich permafrost can destroy the physical foundation of everything above: tundra and forests, houses and roads.
Repeated applications are usually needed to destroy the root system.
So on the one hand ultra-short pulses can be used to selectively destroy cancerous cells.
Falling into the trap of this globalist socialism will destroy the precious brotherhood of our country.
Don't let a computer failure destroy your precious memories.
In fact, computation as it is currently carried out depends on many operations that destroy information.
One would think that open-pit coal mining would destroy fossils.
Also, rake up and destroy any remaining fallen fruit and leaves.
In this mode, there are no zombies to destroy your creations, and you don't have to mine bricks.
Even if the virus continued to destroy the patient's immune cells, new ones that could not be infected would replace them.
Wildfire-an ancient lord of the wilderness-can create life as well as destroy it.
Unchecked, the sea urchins can destroy an entire forest.
House owners were told to destroy the extra rooms they had built in their courtyards and rented out.
Back then, scientists didn't have ways to date archaeological remains that didn't destroy the remains in the process.
Certainly it should be moved, but they shouldn't destroy it.
Modeled on a powerful real-life laser, it can destroy an enemy in one shot.
Rarely has a company managed to destroy so much shareholder value in so short a time.
Many small mouths can destroy a body faster than one big one.
Exposing them to the polluted air of the modern world will inevitably destroy them.
He maintains that notching would destroy the chances of ever completing the dam-something that the corps denies.
However, the government can do a lot of things to destroy confidence.
Thus capitalism employs the critique that was designed to destroy it.
If they do not destroy the bug, they soon will not be able to compete.
If you destroy your heritage and scenery, you will come to regret it.
But what would really make a difference would be the ability to destroy incoming artillery rounds.
Gravity works: it is easier to destroy than to build.
When commercial radio took off, musicians bellyached that it would destroy them.
Additionally, tractors and skidders used to remove the hardwoods destroy the forest floor and promote additional logging.
But if it doesn't destroy you, it will surely make you more hardy.
They are essentially killers who have found a legal way to destroy people.
And you can't play to an audience who hates you because they'll, umm, leave or destroy you.
Wildfires can destroy anything and everything in their path.
Still, it is large enough to destroy sensitive micro-electronic components.
Researchers are using this ultrashort-pulse laser to destroy the protein shell of viruses.
Their answer is that computers won't destroy interpretation.
Avoid using poisons, that once entered into the food-chain, will destroy more than cats.
He is willing to destroy our country rather than admit that he has made some major mistakes.
Chimney fires could beget larger blazes that would destroy blocks and blocks of wooden houses.
The major effect is that they can destroy exports, so industry and tourism takes a nose dive.
All attempts to destroy it have failed, and it appears to be resistant to all known poisons.
Tornadoes, nukes--they're all out to destroy our family values.
In some countries it was able to remove or destroy almost everything.
Being human doesn't give us the right to destroy the planet to advance the interests of a few.
It took him years of legal battling and lobbying to get permission to destroy the historic building.
It is the weapon of those who wish to destroy education.
Though only about one-sixteenth-inch in size, they can destroy a hive of tens of thousands of bees in as little as six months.
If a vaccine causes the immune system to destroy infected cells, the cancer will be killed anyway.
Surplus elephant populations damage crops and destroy the habitat of other wildlife.
Bush is an alien organism and is trying to destroy the entire planet.
Our college football teams can destroy their teams any day of the week.
It is however your own country and you are free to destroy it.
Driven by the almighty dollar, and an absurd honor code, football players destroy themselves with multiple concussions.
By means of some such quip he was accustomed to paralyze his victims with laughter and then to destroy them.
He doesn't destroy lives the way the prosecutor has.
That's because grooming snow on ski slopes can disturb the snow-hibernating creatures or destroy their habitat.
As for safer, washing alone does not destroy all the potential organisms that can be destroyed by cooking.
We didn't destroy anything, these lands were not even used for years.
Technology has made it possible to completely destroy individuals with gossip.
Wildfires not only destroy property and habitat, they are extremely costly.
When the engineered viruses recognize and infect cancer cells, they replicate and sometimes destroy their hosts.
Ozone can be used to destroy a number of known contaminants and pathogens.
Coal does not destroy huge areas of the ocean when it is mined and burnt.
Enthusiasm contended with a sense of futility, and the urge to create with the compulsion to destroy.
If they don't destroy themselves, others will destroy them.
Some malware is designed to damage or destroy your computer, so once you get the infection, you quickly know it.
Instead, technologies rise up and destroy each other.
In the early stages of development people destroy forests for a meagre living.
Previous studies have shown that losing a few key workers can destroy an insect society.
Leptin has several roles, but one is to encourage cells to oxidise lipids and thus destroy them.
He rightly feared it would pop and that it might destroy the firm he founded.
Experts predict this would in effect destroy the lakes and their surrounding freshwater wetlands.
Prosecutors are ashamed of being involved in an acquittal and fear that losing a case will destroy their careers.
In the face of overweening globalisation, to destroy the twin towers was the only response.
Received wisdom has it that three-quarters of mergers fail to create shareholder value and half actually destroy it.
It is impossible for inflation per se to destroy the real value of any non-monetary item.
We try to destroy dreamers, lest dreamers destroy the status quo.
Publishers' real concern is that the low price of digital books will destroy bookstores, which are their primary customers.
These impressions might fade if you focussed on any particular work, but fairs destroy focus.
He thinks that the mysterious noise eliminator is a threat to his power, and he wants to destroy him.
The store, then, would enable record labels to compete with pirates rather than pursue a futile attempt to destroy them.
Ordinarily, ski patrollers destroy hoar with direct detonation.
It could also make it possible to destroy tumors that are inoperable or won't respond to current treatment.
So, let's keep tagging those photos and help destroy everyone's privacy.
The military gets their hands on it and promptly uses it to destroy all living things on the planet.
Some animal venoms can destroy nerve cells, and these are termed neurotoxins.
When they realized they could not beat us militarily they switched to saying they would destroy us from within.
Electricity starts many fires that destroy property.
Not only that, but the stores also destroy the clothes first, cutting huge holes in garments and shoes so they can't be reused.
If the detonator is exposed, they may continue firing to dislodge or destroy it.
If the drives were connected to centrifuges, this could damage or destroy the machines.
He has shown no reluctance to destroy reputations, to cut people off at the knees.
Losing this case would bankrupt them and destroy their reputations.
Conscious attempts to eliminate the factional spirit would not promote liberty but instead destroy it.
He was all for giving a demonstration of the manner in which good could destroy evil.
If you must commit a crime do not advertise it beforehand, since otherwise your enemies may destroy you before you destroy them.
As he does so, his pride may well destroy his own people.
On other planets and moons, they can destroy entire atmospheres.
She was working on a story about global disasters and asked if a collision with another universe could destroy the planet.
In her case, the search and destroy mission caused by her other recalcitrant itch had raised the ante.
Injuries and surgeries that destroy a particular part of the brain can give some hints about how the brain records time in memory.
The antigens train the immune system to recognize and destroy those microbes should they ever appear in the body.
We are the virus and if the planet must change to destroy us then so be it.
The potent radiation would cook the atmosphere, creating nitrogen oxides that would destroy the ozone layer.
If you ever need anything to destroy your faith in human nature, that will do it.
Global warming is one of the biggest hoax ever, created to destroy the economy of the big countries.
Some of them told us how it would destroy the airplane.
By using them for fuel, it not only replaces some fossil fuel but also does not destroy plant life.
Everyone favors adult-stem-cell research: the only fight is over experiments that destroy embryos.
But oil and gas projects will require new roads, and roads destroy forests and damage wildlife habitats.
In such cases, cardiac ablation may be used to destroy the tissue that is producing the unpredictable electrical signals.
In truth, small businesses create jobs when they start up or expand, and they destroy jobs when they shrink or close.
We are determined to destroy all of the tools of the military clique which they are using to prolong this useless war.

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