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In the past, man often tried to escape destiny by warfare.
Many believe that humanity's destiny lies with the stars.
In the theater of destiny, it never hurts to back up your creation myth with hard copy.
Habits form character and character is destiny.
Sow a character and you reap a destiny.
The general and France are fulfilling their joint destiny: they are finding the greatness history is supposed to owe them.
It wasn't destiny that brought Williams here.
In Cincinnati she learns her true identity and how to affect the city's destiny.
But of course genetics is not destiny, even though it's an important factor.
After years of inertia, I'd taken the reins and defined my own destiny.
The legendary explorers carried destiny on their expedition.
He was convinced that he was on the side of destiny-or, in more arrogant moments, sure that destiny was on his side.
All community partners will benefit as a shared destiny is forged through volunteerism and community service.
Adjuncts deserve the fundamental labor rights to choose their own unions and their own destiny.
Such polls point to what is probably demographic destiny.
True friendship involves caring for the other's destiny.
He puts paid to the notion that biology is destiny quite thoroughly.
We don't have the power to alter your destiny, tell you where to live, keep your from getting what you want out of life.
Breed isn't destiny for every dog, but sometimes, a dog's frustration or anxiety is expressed through breed-related behavior.
The destiny of my music is related my town's destiny too, so they must be gathered together.
So has that other great shaper of the destiny of cities-the choices made by individual residents.
Our destiny depends on geography and access to guns, germs and steel.
Wild animals that are proud owners of their own destiny are powerful beings to be around and learn from.
From an investment perspective, it can control its own destiny.
No one can look into futurity and say what will be the destiny of this country.
Their destiny is more abject and inglorious as their delinquency is more contemptible and pernicious.
They were a people exalted by their sense of a common destiny.
Riches never come even by chance to him whose destiny it is to be poor.
Fame comes only when deserved, and then is as inevitable as destiny, for it is destiny.
However, an important thing to remember whenever reading about the implications of human evolution is that biology is not destiny.
Demography may not quite be destiny, but it makes a big difference to countries' economic prospects.
City officials said the decision was a matter of principle: the municipality wanted to control its technological destiny.
He describes people responsible for their own economic destiny.
They may not wish to speculate on the destiny of the soul or the nature of sin.
If demography is indeed destiny, perhaps this figure should not be surprising.
It's either totally bizarre or absolute destiny that their sounds meld so well together, as shown in a series of collaborations.
No longer is biology destiny: with genetic engineering, biology is under human control.
Newt does not respond well to nonrecognition of his world-historical destiny.
Consciousness of a special destiny made me both arrogant and shy.
Once he took fame as his destiny, he began to question its value and purpose.
It, too, was singled out by the gods for a great destiny.
My destiny is what has often been referred to as my soul.
We are inescapably caught in a world of conflicting visions of historical destiny.
Some cultures taught that struggle was fruitless, since success or failure ultimately depended on destiny and the gods.
But it has also offered volunteers a certain amount of control over their destiny, because they could always resign if they chose.
There is no use denying the horrible nature of our human destiny.
It is such a people that she is ruling without giving them any voice whatever in the shaping of their own destiny.
One could not help experiencing a feeling of destiny linking both events.
It is not destiny that an impoverished population slammed by rising food prices will rise up against its political leadership.
Because his world view is essentially tribal and patriarchal, destiny means blood.
The argument for the program is that it would help restore a sense of control over our own destiny.
Nevertheless, their opinions had shaped his destiny.
Once dark energy comes in, then destiny and geometry decouple.
But you can radically change its destiny by removing one of the cells next door to it.
These caveats aside, the demographic parameters of growth and decline do significantly shape the destiny of the future.
But this is a case where demographics was ultimate destiny.
We collectively suffer from a delusion of destiny from our need to find meaning and purpose.
If it's human destiny to be in space, then stop screwing around and get us there.
The destiny of people back then was to toil and obey.
His is such a high and lonely destiny, born out of his infinite wisdom.
Our future is no longer presented to us as our future, but rather as our destiny.
Finally, he has told people, he is fulfilling his destiny.
It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
Well, perhaps not entirely: the one whose mind is clear senses himself free, a master of his destiny.
We view ourselves as a huge and relatively self-sufficient country, in control of our own destiny.
We fulfill our destiny in life by rejecting a system which rejects us.
He believed that it is the few, the powerful and the famous who shape our collective destiny as a species.
Maybe it's a call of destiny much more for the nation than for myself.
Those various triumphs in turn brought the region closer to a sense of shared destiny.
Who your parents are or where you were born should not determine your destiny.
But losing control of your own brand's destiny in a major market doesn't look smart today.
He has a surname of destiny, which means he really can't help being so effortlessly chic.

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