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Exactly what haptic devices will be used for is still unclear, but they seem destined to become more widespread in future.
However, this particular student is not destined for such things in his future--if you get my meaning.
Some extinct animals have anatomical oddities that seem destined to be confined to the marginalia of history.
No matter what you do, the tree is going to shed needles destined to become lodged in the bottom of your foot.
Ivan seemed destined for infamy almost from the moment it formed.
These were destined for the altar of a magnificent stone abbey the settlers planned to build.
Some video game characters are destined for greatness.
IT sometimes seems that photographers and commercial publishers are incompatible species, destined endlessly to malign each other.
Of course, not all children are destined for a life in the sciences.
He seemed destined for even more glory in the field of cardiac genetics.
For centuries, printed journals destined for university libraries have been the focus of this publishing activity.
But it is destined to repeat its violent past and destroy itself again.
But population and cost pressures are destined to resurrect the hinterlands.
Its popularity is destined to grow, however, for next summer it will be available in dwarf form as a pot plant.
Not surprisingly, other childish possessions once destined for the dustbin are finding their way into collections.
Camels destined for the beauty contest are led to the pens where they will be held and judged.
The move to pay for eggs destined for research may also reflect changing mores.
But that's not the real reason to post about this lamp, which is destined to remain the concept design it currently is.
Contrary to what many people believe, highly intelligent children are not necessarily destined for academic success.
So it might be destined to become a widescreen movie-lover's best friend.
They also call attention to a new ore district, and one that seems destined to be important.
It's about eating as efficiently as possible, so that grains destined for livestock will reach people instead.
After the sober colors and serious shapes of fall, resort styles are vibrant and playful, destined for fun in the sun.
As with people, some affections are destined to be unrequited.
Isolated behaviorally as well as genetically, each community appears destined to rise or fall on its own.
The hanging part actually looks more useful than the roller, which is destined to break soon enough.
If the building was destined to contain corpses, this is certainly a happier outcome than what might have been.
The extra protection, he said, is being added to vehicles destined for hot battleground areas.
We are all commodities now, and destined in time to function as machines in a purely transactional system of use values.
No one believes that they alone are destined for oblivion.
Humans are destined to become algorithm-determined and defined machines.
Any business that puts profit before a quality product and good customer service is a business destined to fail.
My guess is that a brochure with this kind of message is destined for the old round file.
No throne or crown appears in the portrait destined for the land without royalty.
If anything is destined to be dated in the building, it would be the dining area.
Ultimately, the rover might be destined to be a weather station.
If you are not destined to fall into it, then nothing will, in any finite amount of time as you measure it.
Some aspects of the king's appearance, however, are destined to remain mysterious.
How strange that a movement destined to purify the muddy pool of politics.
At the time, though, it seemed destined to remain a rarefied world of its own.
Corn destined to be eaten off the cob is softer and, because it is more moist, will pop poorly if at all.
The areas in which births have declined by more than half are destined to undergo profound changes within a generation.
It's a big, friendly buddies-with-beers free-wheeling good time packed to the gills with singles destined for the charts.
It received these two doctrines at their destined times.
Our hemisphere was divinely destined to evolve peace, security, and plenty.
They were three college football players, destined to make names in their sport.
And for this end he thought nature had destined him.
One way or another, the euro is destined for an unavoidable test of popular support.
Last year he began suspending loans destined for projects or governments scarred by malfeasance.
So he left, his murals seemingly destined to be forgotten.
CK seems destined to be alone, and seemed that way even when he was still married.
The attached photo shows a fireplace made out of books that were destined for the recycling bin.
Susan felt that they had been destined to find each other late in life, after each had endured a long, sometimes arduous journey.
In the new study, researchers created heart-muscle cells from tissue that was not destined to form heart.
Every year the church delays stem cell science, millions more are destined to die.
It is a sad fact that those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.
But in cells that are destined to become spores, it must also have some essential role in their development.
Skepticism, by the definition presented above, is destined to turn against itself.
Anyone saying otherwise is deluded and unrealistic and destined for failure if they try to get their way on it.
The contrary comments are destined to be lost under the avalanche of evidence presented.
He was only twenty at that point but it had been obvious for years that he was destined to become a legendary figure.
If she floated, she was possessed of unnatural powers and thus destined for the stake.
In the pre-computer era, teenage grandmasters were rarities and almost always destined to play for the world championship.
He had little money, and he spent much time and energy on a magazine-publishing venture that always seemed destined to go nowhere.
It's a blitzkrieg of comedy that's destined to be lost in translation.
Sadly, the groundswell movement that never was was destined never to be.
In retrospect, this was a balancing act that was almost destined to fail.
Motorists not destined for the area are urged to use alternate routes.
You're out to dinner with another couple when they begin to spar, and an enjoyable evening looks destined to go sour.
But the war that started that day was destined to last years, many years.
Many are decorative objects, destined to sit on coffee tables unopened.

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