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The goal was to create a destination at the end of an adventure, he says.
Thus he did not reach the place of his destination till noon on the day preceding his birthday.
IN a new twist, the high-end variations on time shares known as destination clubs are becoming even more specialized.
There's nothing better to get you in the mood for a destination than its music.
The path through the wormhole is topologically distinct from other routes one could follow to the same destination.
But it's the journey as well as the destination that makes it so alluring.
We live and breathe our vacation destination for a month before we're set to leave.
Have students look at the lists and at a map to try to figure out the destination and the intermediate stops.
One of our favorite activities is to troll some of the food and restaurant websites and seek our next destination.
Add your location and destination and you get directions and an embedded map with the route marked.
Avoid driving when the destination is within walking distance.
Drop off the bike at another station near your destination.
Designers know a great path includes an intriguing destination.
Put your dream vacation destination permanently within reach by channeling its essence through garden design and d├ęcor.
They transformed the stairs from a means to an end into a destination of its own.
College libraries are a destination for those activities and more.
Essentially, a simple mistype ion domain could that is sent over email to an unintended destination.
It has become known as a retirement destination so the senior population is substantial.
These high tech installations give you something to appreciate when you reach your final destination.
Look beyond the main roads to truly experience the destination.
Make sure that the cables you buy are long enough and will reach their destination.
There wouldn't be valid destination prior to that moment.
Yahoo's homepage remains an immensely popular destination.
Even though fuel consumption is more, less fuel is used because it takes less time to reach the destination.
Your best bet may be to buy one at an electronics shop when you get to your destination.
See spectacular sky-high views of your next destination without an airplane.
We publish these annual surveys in part to promote public discussion and action in support of destination stewardship.
Sometimes it's the journey, sometimes it's the destination-and sometimes, it's both.
For example, airplane pilots use coordinates to plan their routes and make sure they're on course for their destination city.
It was easier to make new poles when they got to their new destination than to haul the long, awkward lengths of wood.
The crow flies straight to its point of destination.
Destination weddings are special because they can be as formal or as informal as the couple wants.
For some, they offer the chance to get to a destination much quicker and with less traffic.
Searching hotels and destination is typically an early step in the vacation planning process.
The cross-country trip is the supreme example of the journey as the destination.
We can still allow anonymous sources, but not if sent to a destination that is requiring verification.
But those on the outside, people looking in every now and then, lost their one-stop-shopping destination.
Once it reached its destination, a sound burst from the opposite direction sent the electron back to its original location.
The patient, though, wondered aloud how the couple had arrived at their destination.
Many probes also carry cameras that are used to image the destination, whether it be a moon, planet or other body.
It would allow pilots to seek a safe path to an airport, near to their destination, if not to the original airport itself.
Although desirable surroundings create an incentive to exercise, research suggests that an even stronger motivator is destination.
The next moment, though, the patient wondered how he gotten to the couple's destination.
For food lovers, one of the great joys of travel is hunting down the ultimate example of a destination's quintessential dish.
It's an unlikely-and to many, unfathomable-vacation destination.
Even though it's only been around for a week, the restaurant is already a destination.
Actual value may vary based on airfare fluctuations and distance between departure and destination.
When the ship reached its destination, the entire procedure was reversed.
But the journey would be more authentic and its destination more acceptable.
Somewhere between origin and destination there is going to be a ruling grade.
The art world, or community, became a destination of internal exile.
Some of the group had discovered the small pleasure of walking without a destination, but it was not yet a majority.
As your friend reaches the next destination, such as a park, concert video from that venue could pop up on the screen.
Were drivers to vary their routes occasionally, all would reach their destination more quickly, on average.
Most people will not be able to charge it at their destination.
Flybys allow this to be done without losing the speed gained during the trip to the destination.
Your linking to or accessing any other site, application, destination or service is at your sole risk.
The hotel is so beautiful and luxurious that it has become my go-to destination.
Throw the gloves out as soon as you reach your destination-but only after donning fresh ones to remove the infected ones.
It looks a bit dark inside and, once you enter, you quickly see that this terminal must be for a special kind of destination.
The box is not supposed to be opened again until it reaches its destination.
His destination remains uncertain, but his route is known.
For things at a common destination there is a common path.
Though this time it is a destination, and not a source.
The orbiter will require six years to reach its destination.
It simply totes along its bacteria and lets them grow upon reaching a new destination.
If it eventually arrives at its destination, it will settle down and add to the reef's mighty structures.
Install an ion propulsion engine and send it slowly to its destination.
One little thing off a little bit can have a huge impact on the eventual destination.
When you ask your nav for directions, it could ask you when you absolutely must arrive at your destination.
Arriving on destination alive, of course, is a question of logistics.
The trade off here is taking more time to get to your destination.
His hired guides had drastically underestimated how much time it would take to reach their destination.
Often, there are only a few roads leading to the same destination.
But the two sides offer divergent paths to that common destination.
To calculate one-way fares enter your destination into trip planner.

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