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And a despotic king he became as he pursued not only a career on stage and in films but also money and women.
This is hardly maniacal and despotic.
The stallion's mastery over his brood is despotic.
As you point out, repercussions from this despotic conduct linger on a century later.
He dismissed what he described as their “despotic” rule, and he advocated fearlessly for democracy.
More despotic than any coach are the orchestra conductors, each of whom puts his individual stamp on the group he directs.
It is often the threat of civil unrest that keeps governments from becoming despotic.
They are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy.
That rule was not very exacting, but it was despotic.
Early in his reign, he sought to distance himself from his father's despotic rule by instituting a number of reforms.
Wolf packs are supposedly despotic hierarchies dominated by alpha wolves.
Ideals aside, it is highly unlikely that bumping off a despotic regime will do much good.
We have learned from our history that despotism can be imported, and that despotic rulers can survive with the help of outsiders.
Sinister and despotic in that it cannot be obeyed and thus makes sinners even of quite thoughtful people.
Despotic tendencies and a penchant for lavishness and war are discouraged.

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