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Everyone is welcome despite age or location.
The truly beautiful truck commands the eye despite all the vivid signs.
And yes, there's plenty of water in the lakes, despite the drought.
Whom mere despite of heart could so far please.
She finished with 63.76 points despite an off-balance triple flip.
At the time most economists thought money was easy, and firms were failing to invest despite easy money.
She discovered, despite what people may imagine, having nothing to lose is a lot like having nothing.
But despite the presence of such powerhouses, the publishing world is not necessarily shrinking.
It's fantastic, despite the rather curious new ending.
Yet despite their appearance, little is known about them.
First you set up your towel and apply sunscreen, despite the complete absence of sun.
Despite its grandeur, it compliments rather than distracts from its splendid setting.
Yet despite his personal successes, he has been a disaster as a national leader-in three ways.
The nation responded as one, dimming lights and cranking down the air-conditioning despite the humidity.
The movement seems to be growing daily, despite the torrid summer heat.
Some countries do surprisingly well despite their lack of democracy.
Despite the global slump, congestion is not letting up, says the director of the company that runs the privatised port.
Despite a view that soft power can be as potent as military muscle, he says, this has not translated into policy.
And, despite increasing urbanization throughout the world, people and wildlife are sharing more infections.
Despite our good intentions, obesity rates keep climbing.
Unfortunately, despite our best defenses, sunburn is a common summer malady for humans.
And despite hours of hopeful waiting, the dough never rose.
And despite their idiosyncrasies, these house museums often provide a rare entree into a city's history and character.
Despite their well-camouflaged coats and elusive nature, many clouded leopards are killed by poachers for their pelts.
But there was plenty of prejudice despite that outward appearance of calm.
Despite all these sensory tools, many scientists say that great whites don't always know what they're biting into.
Despite the challenges of identifying early humans, there are several candidates for the earliest known members of our species.
Despite their scale, each of the jets had come and gone within less than half a second.
Global thirst for crude oil keeps growing, despite the current high prices.
Despite the fear they sometimes evoke, wasps are extremely beneficial to humans.
Despite their protests, neither army relented to improve conditions.
Despite their size, they are also more maneuverable than their immediate predecessors.
Despite a thorough investigation of the site, the cause of the catastrophe eluded everyone.
Despite being so common, however, these dangerous and sometimes deadly storms remain shrouded in mystery.
Despite efforts to keep the bear-size catfish alive, it died and was later eaten by villagers.
The shared traits exist despite the fact that crows and humans sit on distinct branches of the genetic tree.
At rest, the bead remained on the surface, despite aluminum's higher density.
Despite their bulk, they are nimble and can jump or change direction quickly.
Despite their potentially enormous size and mouthful of teeth, there have been no recorded incidents of gars attacking humans.
Despite years of work for the community, many feel they don't have enough money or equity to begin a new life elsewhere.
Once again, the torch was temporarily extinguished and put on a bus despite protesters' apparent failure to get close.
And despite much skepticism, government watchdogs have given its performance a thumbs-up.
Some of the claims about syntax are plainly false despite being respected by the authors.
Despite dire predictions, enrollments remained strong.
Despite sustained efforts to confront this problem, elite colleges sometimes seem to be compounding it.
Despite professors' preferences for other machines, the choice of education tools may belong not to them, but to their students.
The private sector is expected to grow, despite plans to expand the public system.
Despite the banner headlines, the actual nature of these cases receives limited public scrutiny.
Curious it was, too, how this deeper question ever forced itself to the surface despite effort and disclaimer.
But poetry it remains, despite some menace of the mock-heroic at the outset, and of satire at the end.
Nevertheless, the real purpose of the war was gained, despite the silent and almost meaningless treaty which concluded it.
But despite their delicate look, micaceous cooking pots are incredibly sturdy and utilitarian.
Despite the good cheer, there's a wistful undertone to the proceedings.
Despite its pedigree, the atmosphere is marked as much by modesty as by erudition.
The company knows how to earn profits, despite statements to the contrary.
Treasury yields are near all-time lows, despite all that political nonsense.
Rescuers continue their work despite hazardous conditions on the ground and the threat of major storms later this afternoon.
Their anecdotal claims are easily debunked: the sun is at a minimum, despite record global temperatures.
It explains why reductions in ozone levels in some areas have lagged despite clean air legislation.
Despite the toll, chronic pain has been relatively neglected by doctors.
But despite decades of research, the technology is still far from commercially viable.
Many things predicted by the theory of relativity, such as gravitons, have never been found despite much searching for them.
Despite how you feel about it, you have no choice in this matter.
Despite decades of study, why earthquakes happen and when they do remains one of the great mysteries of science.
Despite their energy-saving efforts, wind farms have a bad rap for killing birds.
Despite gaining some temporary benefits, communities that clear-cut their forests end up no better off than those who do not.
Despite the millions of dollars devoted to research and outreach, malaria has largely evaded our best efforts at eradication.
But despite their fame, no one is quite sure how many people they killed.
Many brain-damaged patients written off as vegetative are actually alert despite being immobilized.
Despite two decades of research, no gene therapy treatments have made it out of clinical trials.
Despite the difference in the way its hands are shaped, a chimp has considerable dexterity.
Despite that, science rarely becomes part of big-league politicking.
Despite having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to settle the charges, the companies have probably come out well ahead.
Her life has been largely devoted to her father's memory, despite the crumbling of the party which he led.
The story, despite a confusing flashback structure, is coherent.
Despite-or rather, because of-the furor, the images remain highly accessible.
Despite her terror, she observes in the darkness many vignettes of humanity and grace.
Despite a resilient, even booming economy, peace and stability have rarely seemed so distant.
Despite last week's rebound, the outlook remains grim.
And, despite the violence of the game, contracts are not guaranteed.
Despite these contradictions and complications, the two sides on the torture debate are already off and running.
Despite playing every weekend for over a year, my game seems to be in terminal decline.
He much preferred the seen to the unseen, despite everything he'd seen here, during his previous visit.
Despite the dryness of their mouths, they talked compulsively about their cravings.
He's quick to violence, despite the fact that it almost always ends with him helpless on the floor.
Yet despite their importance, in many places around the world these grids are falling apart.
But despite such dour predictions, household recycling has flourished.
Despite its potential, cellulosic ethanol is expensive to make today.
Despite a common goal, there are huge differences in the way the two companies are approaching the plastic-electronics market.
Despite these advantages, no one has succeeded in making efficient quantum-dot solar cells.
Despite huge demand for replacement organs, few companies have managed to produce tissue-engineered therapies for market.
Yet despite a few archival projects, no one is backing up our collective disk.
But many inventors have not enforced their patents despite having legitimate claims of infringement.
Or the consumer might develop an unconscious affinity for a certain brand despite not knowing specific facts about it.
But despite researchers' best efforts, no machine proved able to beat the finest human players.

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