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Example sentences for despise

I'm sure it is unfair to misquote even those you despise.
Yet, the secular world appears to despise both the message and the messengers.
You become what you most despise.
The title story brings these themes together as a lonely widower remarries a woman his children despise.
Monkeys not only don't listen to our music, they seemed to despise it.
Generally, I despise reductionary thinking.
He would despise my poor understanding of Philosophy anyway.
They're not worrying about what comes next for a man they so clearly despise.
Unlike the policies you set for yourself, a country is inflexible, and people despise uncertainty.
But you never know, she herself might know about the murdering of cetaceans and might also despise the practice.
But beware-there's a room in the mansion they absolutely despise and if you propose there, they'll turn you down.
They use the money to buy misleading ads, so all you do is throw away your money on a system you despise.
They all seem to despise their own culture so, as they rant against what they see as privilege and power.
Most genre writers can be counted on to covet the tag of seriousness, even when they profess to despise it.
With the populist anti-tax fervor among the nation, now more than ever my job has become one of ridicule and despise.
But their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always reason right about the means of promoting it.
Worse, as much as they despise each other, they each know that their security depends in varying degrees upon the other.
Of course, there are many sorts of priests and nuns-those who despise their converts included.
Even those who have done the reading find it easy to despise her.
Do not despise any honest propitiation, however small, in dealing with your editor.
Those who despise the current regime now regret their role in bringing a small circle of wealthy, authoritarian clerics to power.
One does not know what to reject, what old alley of desolation to resent, what corner of newness to despise.
Occidentalists extol soul or spirit but despise intellectuals and intellectual life.
It is a proof of nobility of mind to despise injuries.
Despise no new accident in your body, but ask opinion of it.
Many who might comprehend the faith will misunderstand or despise the reasons.
What the two don't realize is that they are neighbors who despise each other.
Sure you might despise them for being annoying, but everyone is different.
We both despise spam and want nothing to do with it.
Voting for someone you believe in is a lot more compelling than voting against someone you despise.
The awkward squad tends to despise conventional diplomacy and public relations, and is therefore bad at them.
The reader is not invited to mock or despise these envoys of the state.
It seems that he despise them he does not consider them worth living in a first place.
Californians despise the car tax and for good reason.
Whether you admire or despise them, sea nettles are here to stay.
No doubt that your family's small business would take advantage of these loopholes you so greatly despise.
Brothers despise their sisters, and children grow up way too quickly.

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