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Example sentences for despicable

He's good at playing politics -- in the most despicable sense of the word.
Taking advantage of an unsuspecting audience is rather despicable.
But some of his behavior was despicable.
His behavior is despicable, no doubt.
Complications occur as greed propels one of the assistants to pursue his own despicable goals and place his companions at risk.
This is despicable politics.
The personal attacks against him are brainless and despicable.
You also belittled people with despicable name callings.
Former clients of the two lawyers said that if the charges were true, the lawyers' actions were disgusting and despicable.
To hear his voice droning on while someone is arrested for asking a question is despicable.
They have not been defending his despicable behaviour, but his political reputation.
And, it's despicable that someone who espouses that view has even made it this far.
It is perpetrated by people, people with intents, people that organize themselves to carry out despicable acts.
And unfortunately our community is deeply shaken once again, as these brave officers were struck down in a despicable ambush.
People who take advantage of others in this way are despicable.
Thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable acts of terror.
It is despicable that some people use tragedy for personal gain.
The actions alleged in this indictment are despicable.
We condemn these despicable acts of violence designed to provoke fear and division.

Famous quotes containing the word despicable

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Nothing so fretful, so despicable as a Scribbler, see what I am, & what a parcel of Scoundrels I have broug... more
Despicable means used to achieve laudable goals renders the goals themselves despicable.... more
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