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At the time, the request was considered an act of desperation.
The last thing you want to convey to search committees is desperation or rage.
But it went for bankruptcy protection now, he says, so it would not have to do it in total desperation when the money had run out.
These are desperate times, and desperate times call for desperation.
In her mind, the last thing geoengineering should be is an act of desperation.
Days three and four were juice-only days, and that's when the desperation set in.
Desperation for foreign money has not made the regime any less dangerous.
As desperation for healthy organs grows around the world, so does an illicit trade in human parts.
Back then it was a sense of self importances, these times necessitate new thinking out of desperation.
The energy in the digital humanities sessions was the energy of utter desperation.
There is an air of desperation about all this, and rightly so.
Today, saving energy is less about fun than about simple and pure desperation.
With this economy, they may stay longer but only out of economic desperation.
The bangs were an act of desperation by a fading insurgency.
Its rare and haunting beauty coexists with a desperation among its people that defines everyday life.
PS pointing out spelling mistakes is petty and a clear sign of desperation.
Desperation and greed play out in struggles for water, oil and arable land around the world.
Such attacks might also be seen as a mark of desperation by the insurgents.
The biggest danger now is the president's own apparent desperation.
The feelings of loss and desperation really came through with your description of the events as they happened.
These corporate giants aim to cash in on the desperation of traditional news publishers.
She heard the desperation in her voice and hated it.
The desperation of these parents is hardly surprising.
Some geneticists believe that desperation is leading him to a dead end.
Yet the camp's existence speaks more of the yellow shirts' growing desperation than of their power.
The longer it lasts, the more likely that desperation turns to violence.
Deficit-ridden municipalities are growing more inventive as their desperation increases.
He is tolerant of our desperation and answers our questions willingly enough.
Connecting grades to behavior also smacks of desperation.
The detector then creates a malfunction proportional to the desperation of the operator.
If they are making more and more noise, it is out of desperation.
If the flurry of activity reeks of desperation, well, these are desperate times.
For among those who want permanent careers in the humanities, desperation does rule.
The lambs are likely only targeted out of desperation.
The desperation and hypocrisy here would be stunning, were it not for the fact that it's nothing new from you.
Ignorance coupled with desperation and modern technology is not a recipe for peace.
They want to find the cause so they land, finding signs of desperation and struggles.
These tactics have the air of desperation about them.
But there's a thrill in reading these stories-in the artful plots, the often baroque style, and the thick air of desperation.
There was some desperation in the writing of the book-a longing for my home ground.
Their desperation was undeniable: they wanted out, and they wanted help to make it.
Occasionally, though, digestible digs are worn out of desperation or habit.
On the other, a stone's throw down a cliff, is a small slum-a monument to desperation and government failure.
Driven by fiscal desperation, governments will increasingly steel themselves to alter the way benefits work.
In desperation they are importing pricier foreign coal, but the grid companies cannot afford the power it produces.
Rather, it will be out of desperation due to poor economics health.
They sense his desperation as he seeks greener pastures as he flees his moribund home country.
Besides, poor people tend to be more destructive to the environment out of sheer desperation.
The fun thing to watch is those who have clung to a lie in desperation.
The stench of desperation, dread and panic must be getting overpowering for you.
Maybe, in growing desperation, they even called in a favor from a smug old acquaintance to whom they'd rather not be beholden.
Despite the desperation of her predicament, this is another of her happy days.
But the effect is less that of a collective shiver than of directorial desperation.
Desperate measures are called for, but in this film's scheme of things, desperation and enchantment go hand in hand.
During his occasional attempts to remain sober, you can almost smell the sour sweat of his rising panic and desperation.
In other words, it's taken in desperation or boredom by people who can't get real drugs.
Now similar calls are being issued, with similar notes of desperation.
Some of our community's seniors are living lives of lonely desperation.

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