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For the fact is that right now the economy desperately needs a short-run fix.
It is a testament to the historical divisiveness and prejudice that higher education is trying so desperately to overcome.
Companies are desperately seeking ways to cut costs, which mostly means cutting jobs.
Desperately poor farmers fought back, killing elephants to protect their land and livelihood.
The world desperately needs a reliable lie-detection methodology.
Desperately needed unemployment benefits have been held up by a tax break for the rich.
Maybe it's a bizarre way of keeping people there, even as they desperately want to end the conversation.
The country desperately needs such things, to be sure.
As a result, scientists desperately need living models to explore the process of cancer development in its full complexity.
It's a start, and my wary contribution to desperately needed education reform.
These cities-many with acres of abandoned property-are finally and desperately trying to come up with stabilising plans.
He stumbled, reached desperately for the safety line, and grabbed nothing but air.
We have an immobile government that is desperately overcommitted in all the wrong ways.
Bankers are desperately trying to placate their critics.
The survivors released a messenger buoy and smoke bombs and waited, hoping desperately that someone would see them.
With bacterial resistance on the rise, for example, the world desperately needs new antibiotics.
More such forward-looking decisions are desperately needed.
Many of these places are desperately poor, and people have few ways of getting hold of cash.
All the micro-organisms that called it home are also extinct or desperately looking for a new home.
Since then, the company has been desperately trying to recover its users' lost data in any way possible.
But more than new ideas, physics desperately needs new facts.
Nothing, it seems, is too petty to escape the notice of managers desperately trying to rein in their budgets.
We huddled around a huge fire with our small ax, listening desperately for the sound of an approaching boat engine.
On-the-ground conservation workers are desperately needed to buy time for those bigger societal changes to occur.
They desperately needed a revenue generator, visionary and major fundraiser in a president.
Fifteen minutes later, she was still trying desperately to get up.
Theists are desperately trying to link theology with science.
The engineers pored over logs, desperately looking for a cause.
He desperately tries to find out what triggered his arrest and what's in store for him.
Desperately needed infrastructure development has been sluggish.
They were hugging each other, desperately trying to keep warm.
Nuclear power could power desalination plants to provide the water the world desperately needs.
The window-dressers are desperately hoping that the economy will improve soon.
Political agencies seem to be desperately grasping at straws.
The lunatic fringe group throws their weight around quite a bit, and desperately wants to portray themselves as the majority.
The game desperately needs a way to skip levels you've already finished, but aside from that it's much fun.
We need desperately to take action now to reduce our use of fossil fuels.
But investment in the technology has been desperately sparse and time is running out.
It is not a condition for which anyone volunteers, however, but for which healing is desperately needed.
Tell all and plead desperately has always been her motto.
Instead, it was probably the result of a malfunctioning computer desperately trying to get the attention of a technician.
But environmentalists desperately need to learn how to celebrate community, too.
They're desperately seeking new avenues for drug development.
He devoured that first meal, his tongue lapping even the underside of the bowl, desperately searching for more.
The search committee has been given a task, will be judged on the results, and wants desperately to succeed.
Emergency-room medics complain of having to treat too many desperately ill patients simultaneously.
Three others who drank with him were made desperately ill.
While certainly there are students who call in the circling helicopters, there are also those desperately trying to call them off.
More than at any time, employees need-in fact, desperately want-unequivocal direction.
Similarly, some professors desperately hold beliefs that don't quite match the world they inhabit.
The volunteers are desperately trying to get him to overcome his shyness with strangers.
Good advice and useful suggestions for a topic that desperately needs more attention in academia.
Second, it desperately needs to clean its urban centres of pollutants largely produced by exhaust pipes.
The panel where she's handed back a book that she'd been desperately trying to protect is note perfect.
What is scandalous is not recruiting from populations that desperately need education.
Desperately trying to find out where their models went wrong.
We desperately need more and better science about addictions.
We desperately need to agree balanced solutions and not blame ruminants for our polluted atmosphere.
Those who favor fracking say it offers potential for industry growth in areas that desperately need it.
We desperately need scientists to be blogging and participating in public events.
She desperately needed to find protection, but it did not work.
And though they desperately try to define a niche for themselves, many will find their days numbered.
And innovation my friend is what creates jobs which our economy desperately needs.
For as long as they could, they listened attentively and groped desperately toward comprehension.
Nor would those candidates now be desperately outdoing one another with brutish demands for ever more tax relief for zillionaires.
We also need, desperately, medical and food supplies.
When they nurse they suckle desperately, thrusting out their tongue.
She was so desperately unhappy that her gloom was contagious.
He's not popular, though he desperately wants to be, and that's a major source of frustration for him.
He made more money than he had at the palm-oil grove, but remained desperately poor.
They had been arguing on the street when he became violent, and she desperately wanted protection.
It's a big, bright and flamboyant one, boldly made despite the fact that everything about it is so desperately wrong.
Flailing desperately, he gasped that he was having trouble breathing.
The pilots reacted as one might expect, fighting desperately to regain control.
Needless to say, the ailing company is desperately in need of a jumpstart.
The government desperately wants to divert water around the capital, to east and west, but the volume is too great.
They regard them as sources of economic growth and high-quality brainpower, both of which they desperately need.
Many began avoiding even desperately needed treatment.
If that is right, then they would be depriving some of the world's poorest people of desperately needed wealth.
What the country desperately needs in the election campaign is a sensible debate about how to reverse them.
Conditions in its camps are often appalling-they are overcrowded, filthy and desperately short of food and drinking water.
Yet the new administration is still desperately thin.
It desperately needs a make-over as well as significant investment in additional capacity.
With fewer travelers in this sputtering economy, airlines are desperately trying to fill seats.
And as soon as you're not interested, they desperately want you.
We desperately need to get over this fear of technology.
Too low-key for today's radio, which is desperately chasing a way to make easy money without putting on anything of quality.
State government is desperately in need of checks and balances, and out-of-control taxes and spending need to be stopped.
Many of these adults and children who cannot read or write well desperately want to learn.
Carpenters, dry wall installers and movers were desperately needed to accomplish the task.
And home improvement projects also have a delightful side benefit: they'll create some desperately needed construction jobs.
The latter is a silly and all-too-common complaint that desperately needs refuting.
But the veins in my neck beat desperately, and he stroked them with both hands.

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