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Pythons are invading the Everglades, and scientists are desperate to stop them from devastating the native animal population.
It's a beautiful image of a desperate and abandoned man.
It was the beginning of a desperate, round-the-clock attempt to save her life.
To protect them he resorts to desperate measures, sometimes betraying his own sense of right and wrong.
She is desperate to keep the action going, delay the moment of decision.
The three learn to help and trust one another in their desperate trek, eluding native war parties and foreign river-pirates.
The traffic problem was desperate a decade ago; now it is even worse.
The city believes that desperate times have called for desperate measures.
Women were screaming, men were shouting, that's desperate panic.
This message-heavy novel attempts to explore the desperate realities faced by a homeless family.
Sometimes, hybrid sport enthusiasts resort to more desperate tactics.
Desperate farmers tried everything they could to rid themselves of the invaders.
The diver had no interest in her and she was getting desperate.
No one can imagine non-intervention carried through so desperate and so consequential a war as this-Greenwood.
Having reached this point, the hunter must not imagine that he is warranted in taking desperate chances.
His enthusiasm, barred from the career which it would have selected for itself, seems to have found a vent in desperate levity.
The guillemot, a seabird that depends on ice, is losing its habitat and falling prey to polar bears desperate for food.
If statistically desperate, you're tempted to grab whatever data is available.
Countless other patients are desperate to regenerate more than that.
It was a desperate flight from a way we'll never be.
The expansion of this system is considered vital for a nation in desperate need of skilled workers.
They are desperate to fill seats, and unless students simply don't show up, they don't flunk people.
As for the grade grubbing, that's common among desperate students.
The availability of willing and desperate adjuncts will diminish somewhat.
Desperate people have tried everything from firing cannons into the sky to lacing clouds with silver iodide.
Desperate to dull her feelings, she removed her belt, tied it around her neck and pulled it tight to stop herself from breathing.
Desperate appeals began pouring into colonial offices.
Besides, this argument is nothing but the latest in an increasingly long line of increasingly increasingly desperate arguments.
Even now, some sanctuaries are desperate for funding.
Interesting article, although in desperate need of a good editor and a few dozen punctuation marks.
Even from my point of view, string theory always sounded really desperate.
These people however are mostly obscure scientists in obscure places desperate for promotion, salary raises and funding.
We are desperate to live as long as possible, not as large as possible.
Desperate, the committee lopped the dome off the design, leaving no more than a squat mega-shed.
If the flurry of activity reeks of desperation, well, these are desperate times.
But job cuts and online obligations mean journalists are also more desperate for copy, making them a softer touch.
The conditions are ripe: the country has plenty of scientists, an entrepreneurial culture and a desperate shortage of fresh water.
Desperate times, it seems, demand desperate measures.
Graduation is three months away and students are desperate to compete for the posts on offer at a job fair.
But he comes close to doing so, sounding almost desperate to stretch the semantic elastic to satisfy the doubters.
Yet these desperate measures have proved the right ones and, sadly for many journalists, they can be pushed further.
Conversely, some moribund administrations embrace desperate hyperactivity to stave off their doom.
Money is cheap, deposits plentiful and borrowers desperate, so new lending promises handsome margins.
Falling demand for new boats means that shipyards are desperate for business.
Those who are eager to leave are not the poor and desperate.
There are already enough publications on the market feeding desperate people's unrealistic hopes.
As the year wore on, the claim was repeated but seemed more and more desperate, as if it were a spell to ward off recession.
Wrist-slapping sanctions would do little to change the actions of desperate rulers.
It can leave parents not only aggrieved but desperate to find any cure, any salvation.
It can be a sad sight to witness their desperate struggle to defend their bubble from popping.
Leave him on the waiver wire unless you're desperate for steals.
Except desperate retailers are making the deals even bigger.
He was desperate to be good people, to still be able to feel he was good.
The whole saga has the air of a desperate striving for peace.
But the distribution of food was scattershot, and every outlet was swamped with desperate crowds.
O'Hara was desperate for praise, but sullied his chances for a sympathetic reading by chronically overinflating his achievements.
Suicide bombing initially seemed the desperate act of lone individuals, but it is not undertaken alone.
Because the company is in the middle of rolling out its network, it is desperate for cash.
Not even heroic efforts on the part of the system's desperate inhabitants could suffice to make the system viable.
They do the experiment, the experiment doesn't work in the vast majority of cases, so they quit until they get desperate again.
Some in the opposition movement are increasing violent attacks on government targets in a desperate attempt at regime change.
For the vast majority of single mothers, the economic spectrum turns out to be narrow, running between precarious and desperate.
Incarceration would be a last desperate necessity, not an easy first choice.
At this desperate moment, it seems to me that there are more important tasks.
The desperate, perhaps understandable, search to find meaning is dangerous.
Many people would be desperate to own or anxious to see them.
The families are pretty sick of it, and some of the coverage has been pretty desperate.
His words were manna to the desperate crowds, who cheered and wept and applauded.
Literary agents were desperate to deliver bids worth millions for a quick kiss-and-tell.
But he also came off somewhat desperate: grasping for words, sputtering in his outrage.
When times are tough, the old business adage goes, it's important not to look desperate.
It comes as no surprise that moviegoers these days are desperate for escapism.
Desperate dreamers have been running barricades of picketing stars to get to a field where only the best have ever belonged.
Julie is depressingly desperate for the payoffs of the contemporary age.
We also know that the families she encountered were desperate to survive.
Misleading weight loss advertising is everywhere, preying on consumers desperate for an easy solution.
It is sad but true, that people who are desperate are often willing to give their money to quacks.
The state is deep in debt and in desperate need of new faces and new ideas.
But consider that you'll be surrounded by even sillier shoppers desperate for deals.
Companies are more desperate to protect their business from rivals when the economy is not growing.

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