despairing in a sentence

Example sentences for despairing

Before despairing over the state of publishing, serious readers should look here.
But some have come from ambitious younger figures, despairing at their elders' inability to stop the rot.
But as the publication of the book was repeatedly postponed, he grew more frustrated and despairing.
Now, in a despairing mood, they are ready to change.
Even in the face of this downward spiral, the despairing have hoped.
Despairing commuters are fleeing the railways and taking to their cars, so the roads are getting snarled up too.
Many job-hunters quit, despairing of ever landing their quarry.
His simple insight was that many suicides could be averted if the despairing had emotional support in their darkest hour.
Despairing headlines this week warned of resurgent hooliganism in the new soccer season.
His early poems are cutting, despairing accounts of the type of futile, life-draining work that lacks dignity and purpose.
And still the situation is not as despairing as one would now think.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
Even despairing hyperbole seems cheerful when seen at a distance.
The guilty, despairing lover will now be transformed into the jealous lover, the triangle converted into a rivalrous one.
Alicia's embrace of depravity, the movie suggests, is her despairing response to her rejection for a scholarship to law school.
Without it, our people would truly be despairing now.
Some despairing souls have concluded there are really only two scenarios.
Despairing people trapped on these makeshift crafts shouted pitifully for help, but no attempts at rescue could be ventured.

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