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The views are stunning, as much for the austere grandeur as for the suffocating sense of desolation.
It left the entire nation reeling in desolation and deep grief.
Other members of the procession look downward in moods of desolation.
But the courage was perhaps born of desolation.
It is a pinching desolation, tight like skin.
The desolation and loneliness of the place were known to drive some men mad.
Standing alone in a withered desolation.
Even vicariously feeling the peak and the pit — the joy in victory, the desolation in defeat — can make this addictive.
The two regions have since returned to their state of desolation.
It is a scene of silent desolation-until, that is, tourists in hats and visors pour out of shiny buses.
The heart of your community is a smoke-filled desolation rimmed by fires.
Our first impression is of complete desolation, but the place proves to be full of life.
Blue sky and sunlight are more appropriate for the latter unless you want to show the desolation of a resort beach in winter.
There will be utter corruption, desolation, and no rule of law.
Yet the movie that arises from this spiky desolation has a heady, fighting spirit to it.
Emerging from the church into the surrounding desolation, you will be moved.
To this day the valley, though beautiful in its way, seems touched by desolation.
One does not know what to reject, what old alley of desolation to resent, what corner of newness to despise.
In order for pain and desolation to die, pleasure and vitality must die along with them.
Then, at a point of near-total hopelessness and emotional desolation, he experienced another mystical intuition.
The selfishness of other people has driven the weakest of our society to squalor and desolation.
Such reticence in the picture of desolation much enfeebles the effect of the poem.
They had wandered hither and thither across the vast desolation of the wilderness, alone or with comrades.
Dirt and desolation reign in the wide hallway, and danger lurks on the stairs.
Although the owners have gone away, one does not feel the abandonment, the desolation of war.
Desolation, rusted industrial debris, and stinking crude oil seeps.

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