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Many first-year students moving into their dorms unpack brand-new laptops or desktop computers.
Some of these printers are becoming small enough to be desktop devices.
Decorate your desktop with images from past issues of the magazine.
These devices are found in the average desktop computer today.
How to straighten up a messy computer desktop in a click or two.
The output from that command should list all the files on your desktop, which you can verify by checking what is on your desktop.
Its still too early for widespread desktop replacement.
Everything he needs is inside: workspace, reference books, and desktop computer.
Personal supercomputers may not be as powerful as the mighty mainframes, but they are still leagues above their desktop cousins.
Visions of future technology don't involve being chained to a desktop machine.
Computing meets telecoms meets consumer electronics-the palmtop becomes the new desktop.
In addition to chatting with friends, you can view your chat histories and synchronize chat logs from your desktop.
But desktop search programs help to build loyalty toward a particular search company.
Ability to teach visual media and desktop publishing is a plus.
Desktop computers were simply not kitted out for such work.
Desks can get messy, and if you are hooking up a laptop to a host of desktop peripherals, it can get messier still.
The traditional desktop interface remains confusing for many computer users.
It will enable users to synchronise files on lots of computers as well as to a web desktop in the cloud, for instance.
Most laptops and even some desktop computers come with built-in cameras.
Many of those tools synchronize across devices: desktop to laptop to smartphone.
Flat-panel technology is poised to invade the desktop.
But light bulbs get hot-too hot to have inside a desktop computer, and far too hot for the inside of a laptop.
Keep file folders within reach on your desk and desktop.
There appears to be drag and drop ability from one's desktop when putting files into a course site.
It can sit comfortably in full view rather than be tucked away next to the desktop in the spare bedroom.
Long live skins, the hyper-personal edge of desktop computing.
Desktop screens must be read sitting up in a fixed position.
Your desktop is private, but the desk is in a shared space.
But on the desktop side, the company still has an uphill climb.
The reason is desktop publishing, the production of everything from booklets to books on computers.
Download the editor's favorites straight to your desktop.
The ambient orb, hooked up to a desktop dot, could get your partner's heart racing.
Still others, for example the treadmill desktop, are decidedly low-tech but no less interesting.
It was innovative but-given computing power limits at the time-could cover a whole desktop, which obviously limited its use.
Now you can do thirty thousand on your desktop computer in a day.
Not a huge amount, by today's desktop computer standards.
After it appears in your browser, drag the image onto your desktop.
Again, the idea is simple: specify a username or hashtag you want to archive, and this desktop program will collect it for you.
The new models can also hold scores of electronic mail messages transferred from a desktop computer.
As the reach and power of desktop-search software grows, the need to put things in organised folders disappears.
The process he envisages is a technical procession similar to that which happened to desktop publishing and printing.
Go to the desktop, right click on the background, and select paste.
They were running a large current through one of their tubes when the monitor of a nearby desktop computer exploded.
They use significantly less energy than desktop computers.
Phones are not as fast or as powerful as desktop computers, but they're also generally less secure.
Filled out the paperwork to have my desktop monitor, which died last week, fixed or replaced.
The evidence, thus laid out on the gray metal desktop, seems clear.
Would make a mind-blowing desktop background otherwise.
The only thing humans do is plan the mission on desktop computers and monitor signals from the plane in flight.
It stayed as my desktop background for sometime after the press release.
Thanks for the never-ending supply of desktop wallpapers.
Each thread identifies itself by its location, a representative drawing, on the computer's wallpaper desktop.
The reader provides a consolidated view of your subscribed content in a single browser display or desktop application.
But not much else that business depends on can be done half as well with a web app as with a desktop app.
Clients are desktop or mobile-device applications that access microblogs' content.
Designing processors for mobile devices requires more than simply reproducing desktop computer architecture in a smaller device.
Users can stick their favorite applications to the desktop with one click, creating permanent tabs for them.
Though the current prototype is the size of a desktop computer, the researchers aim to produce a handheld version within the year.
Consumers choose a channel via a software interface on their desktop that resembles a remote control.
The market is shifting away from desktop and laptop computers toward increasingly powerful smart phones and tablet computers.
Today's smart phones have all the speed, storage, and network connectivity of desktop computers from a few years ago.
The company is constantly unveiling new products, from desktop search tools to television video searches.
We have also included instructions on how to bookmark our site as well as create a shortcut to our site from your desktop.
But that doesn't mean you should give up on desktop computers.
Feature for feature, they're more expensive than their desktop counterparts, and they're much more difficult to upgrade.
It's a free service that puts a magic folder on your computer desktop.
Managing your old-fashioned desktop is a good idea, too.
Desktop and portable computers have become an enabling tool in our society.
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