desist in a sentence

Example sentences for desist

Establishes strong oversight board with cease and desist authority c.
So cease and desist or the next voice you will hear will be that of my attorney.
But such regimes need to believe that they can desist and still be safe.
The tribunals can only levy small fines and give an order to desist.
The writer should desist from writing such biased articles.
Thus, the vengeful warriors desist from burning the fort and the settlers in it.
Bees tell each other to cease and desist by butting their heads against their colony-mates.
The executioners thereupon being commanded to desist, he began to entertain him with an account of his travels.
He advised him to desist from drinking and the patient promised to follow his advice.
The western powers should desist from intervention in all countries except those where they have already messed up.

Famous quotes containing the word desist

This is a fault common to all singers, that among their friends they will never sing when they are asked; unasked, they ... more
I have been trying all my life to like Scotchmen, and am obliged to desist from the experiment in despair.... more
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