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Example sentences for desirous

The drivers employed in the place fed him and treated him kindly, as they were desirous of keeping him in the place.
Both times he was alone and feeling desirous of company.
Short is an architect feverishly desirous of accomplishing something artistic.
They have voted taxes and loans, measuring their burden only by the suffering they were desirous of relieving.
People are desirous of an elective procedure, and that's their main objective in coming in.
We were exhausted from our wet and windy golf excursion, desirous of drinks and a nap.
Many of the grown people are desirous of learning to read.
We are moving from a society desirous of instant gratification to a society of instant anticipation.
Some, when they take revenge, are desirous the party should know whence it cometh.
Many were desirous to live with him and become his disciples.
Whoso is desirous of beating a dog will readily find a stick.
The program is open to individuals who are unemployed or employed and desirous of upgrading their level of employment.
The site is elevated for perfect drainage and certainly appears desirous for the intended purpose.
In every community, no matter how poor, there will be some children who are capable and desirous of learning.

Famous quotes containing the word desirous

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