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Ideas were carefully sketched out, and the insects were arranged into the desired configurations.
Cut the dough with a dough cutter or knife into desired thickness.
The exhibition has provoked another desired response, though.
Then raise the speed to medium-high or high until you reach the desired stiffness.
The device scours the ocean floor and videotapes the desired area, sparing the cost and danger of sending out a diver.
To achieve his desired effect he developed a novel technique.
It seems to me the authorities left a lot to be desired in their proceedings.
For even spacing, measure the distance between plants with a piece of wood of the desired length.
Move the projector forward or back until the pattern on the canvas is the desired size.
We chose a liquid yeast, which comes in a package of wort with a bubble inside containing the desired yeast strain.
Dip pick into glue first for extra security, if desired.
He possesses the third term he so desired and yet he seems not to know what to do with it.
Leave on the cookie sheets and freeze, if desired, or refrigerate.
Unmold and garnish the top, if desired, with a few tarragon leaves.
Spoon into baking dish and sprinkle with cheese, if desired.
So it's had the desired effect in unravelling terror cells.
Find the desired image in the file list and double-click it.
Select the desired animal to see population, range, and other facts.
Slightly thicken the stock and add sour cream and, if desired, salt and pepper to taste.
If a thick crust is desired, dredge bird with flour two or three times during cooking.
Carefully put in with a spoon the number of eggs desired, covering them with water.
Melt fondant over hot water, and color and flavor as desired.
Pull the bread apart until the pieces are the desired size and length, which is best accomplished by using two three-tined forks.
He therefore desired the saint to partake of his earnings.
However, the company's follow-through leaves much to be desired.
It involves the bombardment of seed genomes with metal particles coated with desired nutrient-boosting genes.
The games available leave much to be desired for serious gamers or adults.
Teaching load will normally comprise six courses annually with the possibility of summer teaching, if desired.
Pastoral or other significant ministerial experience is desired.
Other relevant industry-recognized professional certifications and prior experience as a chief executive officer are desired.
The minimum academic preparation for all positions is a master's degree in the discipline and a doctoral degree is highly desired.
Although the first response to your question leaves nothing to be desired, maybe there is room to add a few more comments.
Teaching experience at the community college level is desired.
Consider two lizards confronting each other over a mutually desired resource such as a nest site, a mate, or a morsel of food.
We need to adjust the size and composition of our applicant pool to get to our desired bottom line.
Be prepared to give examples of how you exhibit the desired, non-stereotypical qualities.
What they often neglect to say is that intentions alone do not produce the desired behavior.
But considering how nuanced and personal the best teaching is, the robots leave something to be desired.
The distribution of obligations could be skewed towards smaller or poorer farmers, if desired.
But if desired supply exceeds desired demand one of two things can happen.
Higher-than-desired headline inflation meant they were reluctant to cut interest rates.
Humans are particularly good at exploiting trickery to get ahead-for more money, more power or a desired mate.
Yet their grasp of how the weather works in the rest of the solar system leaves a lot to be desired.
It would require a central bank repeatedly to alter its goal for future inflation as prices deviated from the desired path.
If the desired impact is achieved, both the government and the investors win.
The plan must be modified when this monitoring suggests that it is no longer leading to the desired objective.
First, the arch is filled with air and floated to the desired location.
During a period of catch-up, inflation would probably run above the desired rate, as would real output growth.
First, they will need to build up a larger pot to generate their desired income in retirement.
Software and battery life, too, leave a lot to be desired.
One obvious answer is that it is the only way they can maintain their desired level of spending.
With standard cruise control, a driver sets a desired speed.
Hydrogen fuel cells are desired for their ability to replace fossil fuel in some settings.
Nevertheless, for trips beyond our nearest neighbor in space, chemical rockets alone leave much to be desired.
When the resulting animals themselves laid eggs, they contained milligram amounts of the desired antibodies.
In other words, those who desired the water more, perceived it as more easily attainable.
The reptiles only travel when the current flows in the direction of their desired journey, the researchers report.
Perhaps it was mental rather than physical activity that these people desired.
Tapping the screen brings up command menus when desired.
We believe that widespread use of our system worldwide would result in a much desired global temperature regulation and reduction.
Even the new device, although reasonably reliable, lacks the fidelity desired of a practical quantum computer.
Merely cutting out inefficiencies does not have the effect desired.
As the ice breaks off it can be towed to any desired location thereby avoiding offending any powerful political opposition.
It seems to be a given that human expansion into the area is to be desired but this needs to be reconsidered.
The apparently decreasing airspeed will result in the auto throttle system increasing thrust to maintain the desired airspeed.
It would be impossible for a device to receive the wrong voltage if it only included the wire for the desired voltage.
Spam is annoying, but you can block yourself from cookies and related tracking if desired rather easily.
Any heat producing element will provide the desired result as long as it get's hot enough.
Accidents are part of activities, they are not planned or desired, but they do happen.
Choose a desired backdrop from a number of options or draw your own.
Tell the reservations agent your desired dates, times and airports for travel.
Check with the operator in the area of the desired view if wanting to see something specific.
The cash may come in handy to purchase on-train food and drink items or items at various train stations, as desired.
Push the button in and hold it down while turning the dials to the desired combination.
Toss well, adding more water if desired to create a sauce.
Use a knife or cookie cutters to cut the dough into desired shapes.
Garnish, if desired, with ground cinnamon and/or lightly-toasted almonds.
The page displays details such as her age, income, occupation and desired character traits in a prospective mate.
The desired time commitment is typically twelve hours a week.
Let cool to room temperature, chill if desired, and serve with whipped cream.
Scatter or arrange your desired embellishments over the chocolate.
If you still have a ways to go, add some water until you've reached the desired depth.
If desired, dollop or drizzle some cream into each serving.
But there are two threads of his story, in particular, that leave a lot to be desired.
Since it is an act of theater, let's think about the desired audience.
The elastic shaping band fits between the wearer's buttocks to produce the desired cheeky relief thereof.
But it has not been the dramatic and measurable effect their proponents desired.
The desired effect for a building to have on its surroundings is structured around the human body and senses.
And these sorts of incursions rarely seem to achieve their desired ends.
In such use, the machine's memory becomes a dictionary or glossary of words in any two tongues desired.
Patrons tend to order their rum by the flask, along with a bowl of ice and the desired mixer on the side.
The preference among all three is for puppets that aid rather than undermine the desired relationship.
The existence of the supernatural, if accepted, testifies to the existence of that other world so desperately desired.
Nor, in the end, did it secure the desired rapprochement.
She does not tell us that she did leave him for long periods, as she desired, at his expense.
Some of the flakes that remain in the strainer can be toasted for a garnish if desired.
If desired, serve potatoes drizzled with some of remaining oil.
If desired, additional sea salt can be pressed onto caramels after cutting.
Add drops of food coloring to reach desired shade and mix at low speed until evenly combined.
Put each pastry round on a small plate and dust lightly with confectioners sugar if desired.
Return soup to pot and reheat over moderately low heat, stirring frequently and thinning soup as desired with additional water.
Add salt and pepper to taste and a little sugar if desired.
Garnish with chocolate shavings or dust with cocoa powder, if desired.
Cut it with cookie cutters in as many fancy shapes as desired.
One way to think about the global crisis is a vast excess of desired savings over willing investment.
When the desired result isn't obtained, a new set of experts then comes forward with talk of a little escalation.
Then it could use the cloud-stored data as desired-for example, to search the database to understand how its workers collaborate.
The processes that use high heat and inorganic catalysts also have relatively low yields of the desired fuels.
He neither expected nor desired a graduate community.
The system is then trained to produce the desired computation by weighting the outputs in a certain way.
They aren't scalably produced, so each patient would require that his cells be grown and coaxed to the desired cell type.
The effort to develop fusion has been going on for years, without the desired results.
All that wave is, is a desired form and rate of fuel consumption based on how they place the fuel.
Then the team removed some of the air from the chamber and pumped air into the suit to generate the desired amount of pressure.
To avoid taking the drugs for life, the uterus would likely be removed again after the desired babies had been born.
Instead of writing elaborate programs to make his robots walk, he designs circuits that automatically seek a desired state.
Its nobles sat on stools made of blue-whale vertebrae and ate all the dried anchovies and mussels they desired.
They might perform surgery from inside a patient, build any desired product from simple raw materials, or explore other worlds.
The second challenge for gene therapy is to get the gene, once inserted, to make enough of the desired protein.
As a solution to global warming it leaves something to be desired.
So it's an evidence against the space-time being continuous up to any desired precision.
My big concern is that the mission folks seem really skittish about additional moons and debris in their current desired path.
To do morality, you need to look at the whole of what it is you want and what things will bring about the desired outcomes.
For the first time in human experience, people had watertight containers readily available in any desired shape.
Merely cutting out inefficiencies does not have the effect desired.
Moving to the explicit admixture estimates, the labels leave something to be desired.
To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
But the argument was that the point of insertion does matter when the desired outcome is to stimulate a particular muscle group.
It's validation of the adjustments and corrections that is desired.
So, it is possible to end up with world-wide contamination of other seed, whether it was desired or not.
The effort is expected to take one year to realize the desired results.
If desired, memorial contributions may be given to your favorite charity.
If mixture is too dry, continue to add a little more oil, processing until desired consistency is reached.

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