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It may be desirable to have a given amount of work shared among more people.
Experience in sociology outside of the educational setting is also desirable.
As a general rule, the more exclusive clubs of both species are, the more desirable entry to them becomes.
The color is desirable because it penetrates deeper into living tissue.
Less desirable are the earthquake faults that lie beneath the coastal state.
If the weed is twined around desirable plants, detach it before treating.
The smaller devices are desirable for both patients' peace of mind and surgical innovation.
Everywhere one meets the idea that reading is an activity desirable in itself.
Ability to teach finance and an interest in behavioral and experimental economics are also desirable.
The satellite's polar orbit will allow it to focus on especially desirable regions for human activities.
Spot-treat oxalis in garden areas with glyphosate, taking care to avoid contact with desirable plants.
Experience in mentoring undergraduates in research is desirable.
The obverse of these desirable characteristics looks less appealing.
But they've become more desirable as other fish species disappear due to over-fishing.
And sixth is scarcity-things in limited supply are more desirable.
Or use a nonselective herbicide containing glyphosate, taking care to avoid contact with desirable plants.
The new language was simple enough to use, and powerful enough to make it desirable.
The ability to teach an introductory behavioral neuroscience course would be desirable.
Few deny that some land redistribution is desirable.
The fee could be paid in annual installments, which was a desirable option for the town's poor.
Under the right conditions, the desirable microbes that live in every wheel usher the cheese toward ripeness.
Self-extension among robot operators may be desirable in combat but not necessarily in other grave situations.
Prior experiences in undergraduate teaching and course development are desirable.
To produce an unimaginative or derivative work of art, therefore, will not have as desirable an effect on potential partners.
Ferries, junks, and fishing boats dot the seascape and add a desirable sense of scale and human presence to the scene.
Were it not so volatile, no burning fluid could be more desirable.
Sometimes the flavor of the dish will suggest a desirable flavor in a wine.
So, unless you frequently suffer from cold ears, this is probably not a desirable attribute.
Specific areas of professional expertise are open, but clinical experience is desirable.
Scrutiny by greens has forced the government and the developers to take some desirable precautions.
Cover any desirable plants near the weeds with garden fabric.
Companionship, social status, and fashion sense are more desirable than the olfactory ability or intelligence of the breed.
Mulch also blocks weeds, which steal water and nutrients needed by desirable plants.
Experience teaching online courses and mathematics education courses is desirable.
Some revaluation of the renminbi remains both desirable and inevitable.
Originally, this special designated number was a desirable status symbol.
Good design is playing up the beauty of a plant, while downplaying the less desirable features.
Prior teaching experience with undergraduates and post-doctoral research is desirable.
Driving up the price of counterfeit licenses is a desirable outcome for everyone but the criminals seeking them.
Anyone who can make swimming with jellyfish poetic and desirable has performed magic.
Experience in simulation in medical education is desirable.
Experience leading and or supervising federal or state grant projects is highly desirable.
Experience using online instructional technologies desirable.
National certification in specialty is highly desirable.
Previous teaching and mentoring experience is highly desirable.
Teaching freshman composition and/or literature desirable.
Skeptics have questioned whether that is possible, or even desirable.
Previous industry experience and an interest in executive education also are desirable.
It also marries science to the economic machine in a way that may not be entirely desirable.
Expertise in performance management and/or performance budgeting would be highly desirable.
Paradise gardens and battlefields make equally desirable real estate.
If purity is desirable eliminate the money and fame.
Instead, directors would be in the desirable position of paying for their own mistakes.
Obviously, the tenure track is the more desirable of the two.
It is indeed desirable to establish a clear division of duties between business and government.
There is nothing more desirable than an individual who appears interested but can wheel in overly needy actions.
Providing them with adequate medical care can be important, but educating them would be the more desirable and essential move.
Desirable destinations draw talented and industrious migrants.
If growing cities were designed at all, desirable objectives might be achievable.
Yet the product that had made the town famous has remained as fresh, gorgeous and desirable as ever.
One can make the same statement about any profession, and balance is desirable in all endeavors.
Not only is this logistically impossible, it is not desirable because it does not render more quality science.
The default toward openness worked previously because mails were more likely to be desirable messages than spam.
Non-whites were left with high-rise blocks and private rental units in the inner city, which at the time were less desirable.
Which is not to say that the prospect of change seems either desirable or inevitable.
But that hardly means they think that divided government is somehow desirable in and of itself.
Still, the foundation embraces the startup ethic that failure is inevitable, even desirable.
While research into clean renewable energy sources is desirable.
It may be that with cloud-computing the kind of seamless data integration would become desirable.
Both layers retain their desirable high electron-mobility properties.
Another desirable top global priority would be an inexpensive method to desalinate sea water to fresh water.
Smaller values represent a faster response time and are more desirable, especially for gaming or viewing video.
The surface level product is lower quality and is less desirable than the lower depth material extracted by new technology.
She chose not to advertise them, believing this strategy would make them more desirable.
Instant vaporization seems much more desirable than worrying about what to wear for three days.
Clearly some forms of communication are more direct than others, and others are more desirable.
Even if they could be, she doesn't think that antiseptically neutral language would be desirable.
The usual cognitive and motivational processes that steer behavior in socially desirable paths no longer guide people.
But females find some suitors more appealing than others and often resist the advances of less desirable males.
For the first time, researchers glimpsed the underlying circuitry that made pair-bonding desirable.
Sometimes it is desirable for people to be free of fear of reprisal or stigma in order to invoke honest opinions.
Instead of being two and a half times what was desirable, the mortality was five times too high.
The other option is that one of the two takes a less desirable and more flexible job.
Good weather versus a squall, for example, might make different depths desirable.
It may not be desirable to map out how scientific arguments work in a prescriptive sense.
In agriculture, the genes of crops are modified to enhance desirable features and eliminate undesirable ones.
Question then becomes whether or not it's possible or desirable to exist in a state which refuses to perceive negative stimuli.
At the time, there were long waiting lists: owned and managed by local authorities, such houses were intensely desirable.
However desirable this ideology may be in other respects, it will never do for comprehending the history of science.
Grazing management-If range is overgrazed, desirable plants decrease and less desirable plants may take over the site.
Three must-own knives-and a really desirable optional one.
To change the character of the government at this point is neither possible nor desirable.
All the changes which have been made tend toward this desirable end.
In fact, the more desirable a creative-writing instructor is, the less likely he or she is to want a tenure-track position.
Learned feels that certain desirable social results may be obtained even though the methods of obtaining them are wrong.
Replace these things with a traditional town-planning ordinance that prescribes a more desirable everyday environment.
High turnover is not desirable for any business, teaching included.
There are certainly reasons why people may find it desirable.
It makes no distinction whatsoever between the desirable and the undesirable, or costs and gain.
He believed in a natural, a social, almost a metaphysical order which it was neither possible nor desirable to upset.
It was so strange to go to a famous restaurant named after a meat and find the fish and fried vegetables so much more desirable.
It is neither practically nor ethically desirable to appoint a dictator.
Units in desirable buildings often are in short supply and waiting lists can be long.
Herbicides can injure desirable plants through application or drift if not used properly.
On the supply side, the inventory of houses for sale is lean and buildable lots in desirable neighborhoods are scarce.
And higher rates put the squeeze on corporate profits, making stocks less desirable.
When nature does not permit conception, it is desirable to try to outwit nature.

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