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The designer is obviously an architect, not an engineer.
His initial responses are helpful, and keyed to what he believes are each designer's strengths and weaknesses.
The designer pantyhose differ only in color choice from house brands and many cheapies.
M, the flat's owner, is a landscape designer who specializes in roof gardens.
The historical advisers on the film knew that some actual soldiers wore green and told the costume designer and director.
It is not necessary to posit perfection as an attribute of a designer.
Then there was that cheap suit you wore to the interview, well we're still laughing into our designer sleeves about that.
Most are trendy toy breeds or designer poodle mixes in high demand.
The designer won't discuss her plans in more detail, lest she divulge trade secrets.
Designer drugs are the new battleground in the global war on narcotics.
My second was to dress myself up in designer jewelry.
Don't blame the logo designer too much: think of all the people who had to sign off on the logo before it could be approved.
He wants to tear down the houses and stores and put up designer shops.
Officials seized many items, including designer jeans, shirts and sports shoes.
After a long and exhausting relocation, my favorite garden furniture designer is up and running full speed again.
Thankfully you are not yet employed as any kind of ship designer.
Getting a designer and a builder to offer an affordable product is another story.
The solution, of course, is an intelligent designer.
Similar designs in living things point to there being the same designer.
And why one author, one editor, and a designer who knows how best to present information to students is best of all.
Her interest in fashion seems reasonably serious, and she may yet come into her own as a serious designer.
People react to designer labels as signals of underlying quality.
The boring project manager, in other words, meant more to the success or failure of the project than did the flashy designer.
Since then, the continent's financial woes have kept our cover designer busy conjuring up various ways to depict doom and despair.
In designer shirt and shoes, he hikes half way up a mountain to a remote village to solicit votes.
Gourmet chocolate bars are the equivalent of a designer handbag.
Its future depends on attracting clever creative types who are not averse to designer coffee.
Roomy walkways and designer displays have replaced dreary row after row of clothes racks.
Others felt that a universe so elegantly designed as ours plainly must have a designer.
Experienced designers may advance to chief designer, design department head, or another supervisory position.
He was a set designer for theatrical and trade shows.
He has a handsome, darkly tanned face, and favors designer suits with flared-collar shirts and no tie.
To be a good designer one has to be ready to react-react to the needs and opinions of others.
Worse yet, dazzled by the prospect of designer antibodies, doctors have neglected the basics.
Between grants, he supported himself by working as a carpenter and a software designer.
They put the designer under the bridge, and then they marched over it.
In a way these results show that evolution has to be a versatile designer.
It's true that if there is a designer, it's not at all obvious.
The designer can then make changes that improve matters.
The size of the container for this type of battery would only be limited by the mind of the designer.
Though he may have been a good designer or businessman or other such things, my priorities are different.
It was a new medium for the veteran designer, and she says she enjoyed the challenge.
The smarter locals arrive in their own designer apr├Ęs-ski gear, with fur and moon boots.

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