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If you're going to splurge, consider something custom-designed, such as a light fixture.
The counter was designed to blend in with its surroundings.
The boxes are designed to be nesting sites for solitary bees.
Here is an eight-plank platform designed to attract a majority of economists.
Even hardcover books are designed with the help of digital technology.
They're designed to keep out inappropriate visitors.
The slow-cooked meal was designed to stretch low-quality cuts of meat and make them more flavorful.
Plan a failure, saying that it has frittered away billions of rupees on ill-designed.
Or have your kids or grandkids use it to build toys they designed themselves.
The club is gracefully designed and fits easily in the hand.
They're cigarettes, and critics say they're designed to lure kids into lighting up.
Weight loss is an unexpected benefit of a game designed for dance music.
The two-seater is designed to address environmental issues and alleviate traffic congestion.
But you can use the same powerful tool to set up a portfolio designed to track fantasy transactions.
King-sized executive suites are designed with a living space and a microwave and refrigerator.
Reception of echoes is the basis of conventional sonar systems designed by humans.
Every printed map is designed for middle-grade students and reflects the latest place-name and boundary changes.
The research was designed to address a question raised by two different theories on human evolution.
They have specially designed feet and a unique running style that keeps them from sinking.
The experiment was designed to test the babies' ability to anticipate where the creature would appear based on the sound cues.
The trio designed an experiment that allowed them to see, for the first time, how migratory songbirds behave in the wild.
But the toucan's beak is ingeniously designed to be both strong and light.
Robots tend to be designed with a specific task in mind, and their parts are built accordingly.
While the other fitness trackers can do more, they also aren't designed for senior users.
Regulations covering the financial services industry are designed to act as a barrier to rogues and villains.
The foundation is developing a whole series of prizes designed to catalyse clean, renewable and cost-effective energy.
Sometimes this maverick behaved greedily, because the experiment had been designed to study the expected ostracism of cheats.
It is designed to detect the low-frequency radio pulses emitted by lightning strikes.
It was not designed to be, nor should be regarded as, a comprehensive measure of society's well-being.
Eco-villages are essentially designed communities intending to be socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.
The sundial's nocturnal counterpart, the water clock, was designed to measure temporal hours at night.
It would be interesting to know whether they originated the idea and designed the experiment themselves.
Modern microwave ovens are designed to allow essentially no leakage of microwaves, however.
The study was designed so that neither patients nor care providers knew which group received probiotics.
And they were tailored to the kitchen staff readership and designed to generate discussion.
The money is designed to help cover athletes' total cost of attendance, which full scholarships do not meet.
Almost without exception, it's designed to be ephemeral and site-specific.
The outline is designed as an opportunity for students to receive my feedback with enough time to adjust their debate.
Filbert's site is full of ads, designed to make money.
The guide is designed to help journalists who need to contact academics for quick quotes or insights.
But those gestures are designed, knowingly or not, to salve the conscience of the public.
The ending is a crazy surprise designed to delight all but the incorrigibly grumpy.
Easy ways to know if a neighborhood is well-designed.
Both make good points, but both are largely talking about the book as a designed object rather than the book as a tool for use.
They were designed to be as immune to faking as possible.
It even suggests that some of the manipulations designed to lure our dollars may redound to our own good.
And no one has yet designed a hybrid commercial airplane.
Some companies are offering more specialized versions designed for education.
The print above was part of the abolitionist case and it was designed to show human beings whose dignity has been violated.
But there are lots of pros to having a reading device that's designed specifically for reading and working with long-form text.
As you can tell from the name, the vehicles are designed to be resistant to roadside bombs.
Torture is designed to rob him of all these last shreds of liberty.
The whole thing is mystifying unless you see it as a tantrum designed as therapy.
They frame objectives and policies designed to achieve those objectives.
The station was designed to withstand a powerful earthquake and also to resist a tsunami.
Let your body go limp, while reminding yourself that the shower curtain is not designed to bear your weight.
She designed jewelry, then did windows, then marketing.
The gym is so poorly designed that a scrimmaging player can be knocked down one of two flights of concrete stairs.
They have also designed custom housings, one made partly from tea leaves.
But it's also a detective form, and designed to be a recreation.
He has designed pairs of shoes with heels of mismatched heights.
In some sense, newspapers became the inverse of media: designed not to be noticed.
When rates suddenly dropped, not only were those trades wiped out but so were the hedges designed to offset them.
Few concepts capture the human imagination more than robots, undoubtedly because they are often designed to mimic us.
Genetically modified crops designed for industrial agriculture have given the technology a bad rap.
Writing systems are still coming into existence, consciously designed by trained linguists.
The trial is only designed to test the safety of the treatment.
It, too, left an important legacy-the realization that tall buildings had to be designed and built differently.
Also, micro nukes can be designed to run a long time without maintenance or refueling.
Generators are therefore designed to protect themselves by going off-line if the grid becomes unstable.
The setup is designed to monitor the focus of attention in a fly's brain.
Cheese food is a carefully designed concoction based on some complicated chemistry.
These units are designed to fight both offensively and defensively in cyberspace.
So he designed an experiment to see if they could summon help.
When mobile devices were designed, security wasn't a top concern.
Here's a lifestyle site designed for newly wedded yuppie couples.
Marvelously designed new playhouses in charming settings.
By adapting centuries-old technology, they designed a pump that could supply water to the community without using electricity.
Each turtle was found wrapped in a stocking, designed to provide ventilation and warmth.
Both are designed to be operated with a keyboard and a mouse.
He also designed a plastic substrate with binding sites whose shapes complemented those of the silicon components.
Prism's software is designed to be used with existing security cameras.
The modules are designed so that the number of cells in each, as well as the voltage, can be varied according to the application.
The device is portable and designed for use by nonscientists at security checkpoints and under harsh conditions.
While designed for emergency use, the devices could also be used in remote seaside locations in developing countries.
App stores are exploding with programs designed to help people monitor their health using a smart phone.
The microscope is designed to detect fluorescent light, which is often used in biological research to mark different cells.
They are designed to ensure that nutritious substances are ingested and harmful substances rejected.
The new construction is designed to justify outrageous ticket prices.
Memorial services, spoken or written tributes, are commonly designed to remember happier days.
Instead, he proposed a complex plan designed to preserve a role for private health insurers.
It was designed by fitting airfoil sections around interference measurements of the rider and vehicle.
There are a range of laws and executive orders that are designed to protect the nation's water resources.

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