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Not sure what the correct technical designation would be.
Owners of facilities labeled as critical infrastructure would be notified as soon as this designation is made.
Yet, to get to know and truly appreciate any species one must start with its taxonomical designation.
Briefly discuss the basics of wilderness designation.
Recently, the subspecies designation is becoming more frequent in the literature, especially in genetics.
The designation would likely help protect the towers and raise money to restore them.
The designation allows authorities to hold him indefinitely without charging him with a crime.
It's the state that produces the determination and designation of someone as a gnome thief.
Boutiques, bistros, and a few high-end hotels have followed the designation.
Designation of critical habitat for the little brown bat would protect crucial sites for its survival and recovery.
Because they were becoming far too numerous to think of them as planets, with that kind of special designation.
So lofty is the designation that you don't even have to win it to bask in its glow.
If doubled pawns make the normal designation of a pawn capture ambiguous, the rank of the captured pawn is included.
And both parties agree to consider such designation and decision as final and conclusive.
But, properly speaking, all dreams may claim this designation.
The coffee varieties were not strictly regional, he explains, so a wine-style designation would have made no sense.
It's not as though they would cease to exist simply because of that change in legal designation.
The designation would also cause disposal costs to soar.
Such a designation would regulate commercial traffic, fishing and tourism.
In times of high unemployment, even the designation of a national monument can become a jobs program.
But, even more so, is the winning pitcher designation according to the present interpretation.
Both upset the way certain hormones function in the body, earning them the designation endocrine disrupters.
It's already known that the planet designation is arbitrary.
It being a language family, there's no self-designation for the whole family in any of the languages.
The designation of the new buildings as a trade center was disingenuous.
Although not strictly true, this designation would have amused her.
The zoning designation for shooting ranges is similar to the zoning designation for adult uses, which has been upheld in court.
For filmmakers displeased with the designated rating, their picture can be edited and resubmitted to achieve a new designation.
There is no colloquial designation that guarantees quality.

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