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Baseball purists have long argued that the designated hitter is a moral outrage.
Earned doctorate in designated area or closely related field required for all.
As a result, the number of places designated as cities grew by more than a thousand in a couple of years.
The site was recently declared a national natural landmark, the first such landmark to be designated in almost two decades.
Each game featured two players, one designated a proposer and the other a responder.
Ninety-five percent of the park is designated as wilderness.
In fact, thick clouds hovered over much of the landing site at the designated touchdown time.
Try this: keep making eye contact with the designated speaker.
National parks and other protected areas were designated without thought to climate change.
It's difficult to protect migrating whale sharks once they leave designated no-fishing zones.
Many of the trails are designated as multi-use for walking, in-line skating, horseback riding and even cross-country skiing.
Most cities are loath to let you remove designated parkway trees.
Voters can mail in their printed ballot, or place it in a designated ballot box.
Two had been designated for trial before special military commissions.
The five other designated holy days attracted much lesser crowds.
He never intended dwarf planets to be designated as not planets at all.
Before the system can be used, it must be registered with a designated local authority.
The government also wants developers to be able to build more easily in designated business zones.
Send commodities chugging across the continent by clicking the designated destination on the map.
Worse, that information went to users that the members had designated as friends.
Browser hijackers are malicious programs that change browser settings, usually altering designated default start and search pages.
The tags are designed to detach from the animal at a designated time.
Third, critical habitat for the species is usually designated.
In fact, there will be a financial reward for users who return bikes to designated hubs, perhaps a buck or two per bike.
Visitors are asked to walk only on designated trails or stay on slickrock or wash bottoms.
Originally, this special designated number was a desirable status symbol.
Higher education or a record of military service should not be designated as some justification for breaking immigration laws.
Unfortunately, his designated leading opponents are all ghosts from the past, so to speak.
The site is to be designated as a political website.
Some require badges to be worn everywhere, some only in designated high-risk areas.
Part of each payment is free from federal income tax for a designated period of time.
But seldom can the sounds around it be designated as music.
The goalie can be sighted or visually impaired and must stay in his designated goalie box.
Deaths confirmed by the medical examiner's office are designated with an asterisk.
Louis notes that every department at the university has designated a study-abroad adviser.
Duke is paying for the plan with a fund designated for a one-time technology project.
State officials say that designated public beaches and their waters must meet state sanitary code standards.
Your medical exam should be done by a designated civil surgeon.
Still, it's amazing that this group of designated doubters has managed to survive this long.
In truth, all it took to enter the drawing was a postcard with your name and address mailed to the designated location.
Second, users can access the network only from designated computers.
It can be tough if you see yourself as a leader, but you're not the mission's designated leader.
He will be the one designated to receive the blame as cries to stop the insanity become louder and louder.
Bicycling is permitted on established public roads, parking areas, and designated routes.
Take the objects you've collected to the designated spot.
If they could not find a match, the team designated the matchless segment as a site of a structural change.
For the first time, polar bears and hippopotamuses are now designated as threatened.
Another column marched on the direct road and went into camp at the point designated for the two columns to meet.
The number of rotations is converted into a wind speed measurement by using a designated scale.
When users reach a road in the fantasy-themed game, they can cross at designated safe spots and must look both ways for monsters.
The finished part is then inserted into bacteria, where it can perform its designated task.
The actual status update is done by placing the appropriate block in its designated place on the box.
For example, you can decide if you want photos to be viewable publicly or only to you and some designated others.
As the axon reaches its designated muscle, it branches out, and each tip extends to an individual muscle fiber.
Third, there are no such thing as tribes among populations designated as pygmies.
Two of these better robots will then be designated parents.
People designated to make the decisions for the common good.
If something is over budget, that can mean that not enough money was designated for it in the first place.
If someone decided on it, who designated that being the purpose-giver.
You'd also have to stop the spread of the trees beyond designated zones, so they don't become invasive species.
Even if he is a member or supporter, he is not their designated representative.
Some had planned to hold stocks of flu medicines but had not designated which employees would be treated.
Hotspots are now designated as crime scenes, he says, so that no one is allowed to plant oil palms there.
Then she needs to feel betrayed by this designated goddess so she can finally locate her strengths.
Meanwhile, an armada started making its way toward the designated beaches.
They are not designated combat troops but are armed and ready to be deployed should combat become necessary.

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