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We were trying to simplify as much as possible, to create something basic, but not a faceless design.
Many commercial and industrial designers use computer-aided design software to create new products.
As an alternative, they can design a new section for their town's Web site.
But agreeing on a design is only the first step in completing a cover.
Researchers are increasingly turning to nature for design inspiration.
There's obviously more than one way to design a building.
Sometimes it takes a small, focused company to solve a vexing design dilemma.
Yet, if they are right, they could prove revolutionary for the design of new types of lenses.
Marketing is part of editorial, editorial is part of publicity, design is part of marketing.
Stradivari experimented with the design and arching of his instruments.
Visual balance is always an important consideration for design.
Only later did the call come to design public parks, housing complexes and university campuses.
Teach a variety of design history, theory, and criticism courses at sophomore to senior level.
The pillowy and interlocking design of these biomes was influenced by dragonfly wings.
As its name suggests, evolutionary design borrows its ideas from biology.
Consulting firms are popping up to help clients design profitable auctions or win them less expensively.
The plate is a simpler design but it is possibly too simplistic for the task.
But in short, they argue that the world's workshops have a habit of becoming its design shops, too.
Better design and context can clarify the results of blood tests.
Now, he's penned a design study that uses fake fur for aerodynamic efficiency.
Design tips and solutions for a stylish bedroom makeover.
Its design is based on the mechanism used by pine cones to shed their seeds.
One of the challenges in the design was finding something environmentally friendly to hold the whole thing together.
Online maps are limited in detail, design, and size.
Of course there is the off chance that the design stems from a cruelly ironic intelligence.
Once the design principle on one level is conquered, the principle on the other levels even on the whole system may be deduced.
It sounds simple, but each variable in the design of the event can affect the daters' outcomes.
The paper talked about optimized polymer solar cell design and some layers were on the nm-scale.
The money would pour in and they could do all the research and design and development they wanted.
With the correct study design, proponents say, cancer vaccines should prove to be promising.
Stylistically, he combines traditional craftsmanship and technique with elements of modern design.
Modern structures have to fit into the town's historic scale and design.
But the great critical essayists, resisting that temptation, subordinate all details to the general design.
The one way to see cotton is to have a design concentrating the illusion and the illustration.
The indefatigable minister flew from place to place in order to superintend the execution of his design.
The design spans-and expands on-a century of modern architecture.
He had a talent for both math and art, and began to design his own maps using a graphics program.
Jobs ripped it off and mumbled that he hated the design and refused to wear it.
We even have an exciting design-your-own-rank program.
Regulators approve nuclear reactor design they say is safe.
But when it comes to actual product design, they focus on issues such as features, cost and production rather than usability.
Dell accomplishes this feat via a creative flip-hinge design.
The simpler the design of a universal computer, the more steps it takes to emulate each single step of a practical computer.
But by design, the investigations were focused downward in the chain of command, not up to those who set the policy.
As a result, few universities design basic core curriculums for their undergraduates.
The marvelous fit of organisms to their environments, however, seemed evidence of a deliberate design.
Typographical design orients the reader and shapes the meaning of the news.
It's an important proof of principle for using computers to aid materials design.
The process of origami design is conceptually simple.
The new design uses a novel electrode that eliminates these silver contacts.
New design does away with the need for a complex gearbox.
Already, attempts are being made to incorporate the tubercle design into commercial products.
For example, if the system found lots of photos, it might design a more image-heavy advert.
It should be relatively cheep to design, build, and test on the fans that cool our computers.
Such capabilities could transform biology in the way that integrated-circuit design transformed computing.
So complicated was his design that engineers spent two months thermoforming plastics into shapes previously thought impossible.
The more information you gain, the more rational design you can apply to vaccines or drugs.
It improved on its predecessor with a new design that makes each dish substantially lighter and cheaper to manufacture.
It's all part of a study on better network design through biological principles.
Urban climatologists are working to predict how canyon design can affect temperatures, winds, and the concentration of pollutants.
It won't help you design an airplane that can slip through the air more smoothly.
The early studies had worked largely because the test mice were, by experimental design, leptin-deficient.
Their goal is to design low-sugar fruits and vegetables that taste supremely saccharine.
And the cool, open accordion design keeps everything in sight without seeming cluttered.
Given annually, the honor awards recognize excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.
If you've got an eye for design and esthetics, this could be a dream job for you.
Design surrounds us and has a direct impact on the quality of our lives.
Graphic designers must be familiar with computer graphics and design software.
Although the landscape is visible, its design and design process often is not.
Context sensitive design resources, projects, solutions and ideas.

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