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Example sentences for desiccated

Her desiccated remains are covered with red pigment and bear tattoos of patterns and mythological figures.
Ranchers are staring at dry water holes and desiccated pasture, forcing them either to sell cattle or buy feed.
There were what appeared to be desiccated river systems.
After an arduous climb, they discovered scattered debris, along with a desiccated left arm and attached hand in the ice.
Still retaining a bit of moisture, grilled cod and salmon escaped the flames in time, but on two tries the halibut was desiccated.
He established boards to oversee the marketing of the nation's chief product, copra, which is desiccated coconut.
It smolders in secret for a few days, consuming dead wood and desiccated brush.
Perhaps my dosage was too low, or my nutmeg too desiccated.
The skin of many of the dead was mummified with dark discoloration, and exposed muscles were cooked rather than desiccated.

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I know that the right kind of leader for the Labour Party is a kind of desiccated calculating machine.... more
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