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There will be billions more people wanting and deserving to boost themselves out of poverty.
Many people serve these by making themselves seem more important and more deserving of public wealth.
As has been pointed out, there are many other hazards more deserving of concern.
It's an interesting and important question deserving rational, unbiased examination.
After all, they are deserving of my undivided attention.
But if you're anyone else, apparently, you're not deserving of that.
Sometimes though there are creative standouts that are deserving of a singular mention.
Fortunately, this air of superiority is largely deserving.
There are other tiny portables that are more deserving of your money.
So the courts are set up to award monetary damages to compensate deserving plaintiffs for injury done by defamation.
Promote those deserving friends too humble to promote themselves and you'll be tending the entire social-network ecosystem.
Or, if the public chooses to stimulate the private market, subsidize some portion of the loan to deserving populations.
They want to make sure that only deserving students are applying and receiving degrees.
And it wants to offer opportunities to deserving student of limited means.
Whether it is deserving of publication in spite of its pedigree is of course another matter.
It is impossible to do so when the discussion centers around one side being wrong and the other side being deserving.
Others in the family are not as wise and deserving of what they receive.
Not one of the players is deserving of safe harbor at the expense of others.
At the same time, no system can function adequately if teachers demand respect without deserving it.
The resulting grade can be stunning to the student, who believes that they are deserving of higher marks.
Dangers from abroad are not less deserving of attention.
These barrels proved a blessing to hundreds of poor but deserving students.
Seeing a fact which you mistakenly consider deserving of contempt, you refuse to take a humane view of a fellow creature.
The day also proved to have an element of surprise for one deserving veteran.
So consider our picks, which are sure to satisfy your oh-so-deserving friends and family this holiday.
Any bank on it would be seen as too big to be allowed to fail, deserving a bail-out if necessary.
But importantly, they think of themselves as a deserving elite.
And it is in society's interest to ensure that deserving poor students have the same opportunities as richer ones.
Next to scheming bankers, factory workers look positively deserving.
Many deserving firms had indeed been deprived of working capital, say, or trade finance.
The bonus may rob sales from other deserving industries, from white goods to beer-as well as from future car sales.
Such a carefully and exquisitely written piece, deserving of the objects it describes.
To prevent loss of life-and to protect a deserving project-the secret will not be revealed.
In the meantime it's certainly wonderful that the many deserving poor are seeing life improve.
But once in a while the use of a song is truly deserving of our indignation.
The concerns of the environment are far more complex and deserving of policing and regulation that requires constant vigilance.
If there's any part of the political process that's especially deserving of mockery, it's televised campaign commercials.
And in a pre-affirmative-action era, they may have been seen as intellectually more deserving.
Grace cannot be earned and isn't about deserving in any case: it's free.
They leave off deserving professionals and they include some awful names.
And it's a fascinating area, deserving of much more attention that it's received so far.
But to new parents, the question is new, fresh and deserving of answers.
First, one manufactured incurable crisis was the deserving and the diverse.
If you do that, you leave some deserving people out, so the move might be not to award this discovery at all.
Way to take something else from deserving americans.
But it certainly suggests that there may be something to the adenosine theory deserving of more work.
He develops an avocation as a finder of lost persons for the poor and deserving.
But it's an honest list, even if it doesn't bring a deserving writer out of obscurity.
There was mention of nine western resorts, all deserving, but a nod to your northern neighbors may have been appropriate.
Three species of plants deserving special mention are the dwarf trillium, silky camellia, and log fern.
And it would be difficult to find six people more deserving of this honor.
For those reasons, these criminals are especially deserving of strict measures to protect society.
The deserving would falter and the dinosaurs would rule.

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