deservedly in a sentence

Example sentences for deservedly

Both parties are deservedly upbraided for their reticence on exactly how to cut the fiscal deficit.
And you should be deservedly proud of such glowing comments.
Capitalism's excesses get deservedly excoriated for causing today's global catastrophe.
There have been two tight games in this series, ones that were deservedly split.
Their impressive size and high quality flesh make these catfish deservedly popular as a sport fish.
Much of the past has little meaning or importance for the present and deservedly remains forgotten in the dustbins of history.
Those heartfelt thanks of my student deservedly go to many.
It has been the subject of much debate, and deservedly so.
It is one of those arts which, from the earliest periods, have been deservedly held in the highest estimation.
They were what had deservedly made his fine reputation.
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