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At the end of the day, everyone reunites back at the lodge for a well-deserved dinner.
The respect she has earned across the spectrum of views on climate is well deserved.
For once the reward has fallen where it is deserved.
He also told friends that she did not treat him with the respect a boss deserved and had tried to discredit him.
The related subject of time-to-degree has also come under deserved scrutiny.
The infrastructure hardly deserved the term then, and hardly does now.
In other words, they were twice as good at figuring out which concepts deserved more attention.
But there were a lot of really good films that deserved a sequel but never got one.
In return, he deserved to bask in the glory of discovery.
She said that she had been treated fairly by the courts and deserved her punishment.
Our administration has had some political setbacks this year, and some of them were deserved.
In our culture of hype, the currency of praise has been so de-valued that no one credits it, even when deserved.
The dancing was sinuous and strong, and the dance as a whole deserved its cheers.
The opprobrium heaped on ratings firms is only partly deserved.
Their disdain for the existing one is well deserved.
The primary takeaways seem to be first, that the awards are well deserved.
Whether this reputation is deserved is an open question.
He had scoured the world for the best people to defuse it, and if they did a good job they deserved recognition.
These wheezes were designed chiefly with politics in mind: all those nasty plutocrats deserved a hammering.
Shielding investors from their deserved losses only makes them complacent and sows the seeds of the next crisis.
Much of the praise now being showered anew on the country is deserved.
The way they played early in the year they deserved it.
But for his body of work taken as a whole he was a fine actor who never received the accolades he richly deserved.
If someone gets rich running a business and employing people, well, he deserved it.
Yes, it cost our parents a lot of money to give him the care they believed he deserved.
Camp is proud to present veterans and their families with well-deserved service medals and awards.
His plates remained in the hands of relatives for many years before they received the public attention they deserved.

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